Wellness: 10 Things You Should Be Happy About!

To whom much is given; much more is given. Happiness should be no exception. Why not be happy? Ask yourself this question often? If so; Truth be told, being happy is a state of mind. According to the National Heart Society, being happy leads to better health, wellness, and a stronger heart. “Keeping hearts beating gets our heart pumping” 

photography of a woman listening to music

Life is here to be lived. However; there are those dark moments we do not look forward to. Such as, stress, upheaval, chaos, loss, and death. Even while in the thick of these hardships the mind needs balance.

Smiling and Happy

A smile a day keeps the doctor away. Get into the habit of smiling. It can become a mood changer. For the giver and receiver! Just ask the person in passing you’re smiling at. Chances are; they either had a bad day and need your smile, or a good day and your smile made it even better! 

Elevated happiness keeps us sane enough to continue with everyday life on a calmer and more patient level. Even in the thick of times, there are 10 things that you should be happy about! 



10 Things You Should Be Happy About!

  1. You Woke Up!: Yeah, yeah, we know it’s a old cliché’ statement. However, it’s true! Waking up to a new day brings possibilities. Look forward to living more! Break the routine.
  2. You Have Family: Not just by blood; but someone who is there for a lifetime. Your best friend, close neighbor, kids, pet, friend from down the block. Everybody has that one person. 
  3. Perfect Weather: Order a plate of sunshine, with a pinch of happiness. Chances are; if the weather is perfect that day. So is your smile. Good weather changes anybody’s mood.friends-laughing-on-beach_4460x4460
  4. Your Bills Are Paid: If your somewhere in which you provide money; in order to keep its function. Appreciate that. Paying your bills give a sense of security. Less stress; whew you blessed!
  5. Looking Forward To It: Something is planned, and you can’t wait until that day come! A wedding, baby shower, vacation, social party etc.. You didn’t put that PTO day in at work for nothing. Appreciate looking forward to something. It brings happiness.Sad and applying lipstick
  6. You are Healthy: Many people do not have the option to experience good health. If you are not one of them. Appreciate that!
  7. You Achieved It: Right now you are proud of something you did. Something you accomplished and the story never gets old. You hold this achievement dear to your heart.
  8. Financial Windfalls: Did you think it would stay rocky for long? Just when you needed it; money showed up. Large or small; any form of financial blessings is a gift from GOD. Don’t take that lightly 
  9. People Seek You: Love is love! You can get it from all sides of life. Especially when people seek you out for all the right reasons. This is something to be happy about. Being loved makes your heart healthy.
  10. You’re Doing What You Love: Getting nowhere on the job; but it pays the bills? If  so; it may be time to go out on a limb. Studies show; doing what you love increases your health by almost 80%. Doing what you love is not considered a job. 012214-health-women-friends-college-students-female-image