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Still Trending: Natural & Happy!

Raise your hand if your natural and happy! Check out the statistics. USA today has reported from 2011 to now “Natural hair is making waves among Black Women”. [...]

Get Hair Happy!

Are you hair HAPPY?! Whether you have long or short hair. It still needs care! Did you know coconut milk makes your hair healthy and thick? Yes it does. Simply apply like a [...]

Rewind: Hair Care 101

Do not get the blues with your hair. Don’t turn into a hat head. Lets do some hair care 101. Try These Hair Care 101 Tips: 1. Try coconut milk on your [...]

Fall In Love With Your Hair

We burn it, perm it, pull it, cover it, and more. Is that anyway to treat the one thing that never leaves you daily? Fall in love with your hair all over again. Eat right,and [...]