The Glow: Living Life With Simple Beauty

Simple beauty moments are the focal point of ones daily living. Life can be seen realistically and beautifully. No amount of make up or grooming can make up for the simple beauty moments daily life provides.  While winter has arrived; so has colder temperatures, messy weather, and cabin fever. While everyone is tucked away waiting... Continue Reading →


Wellness 101: 5 Ways To De-Stress

Strug it all off. The stress, worry, concerns, and every day boring routine. Life can hand you a bag full of responsibility.  However; all is not lost to keep an even keel. All you need to do is de-stress.   Try these daily de-stress tips.  1. Give yourself permission to take a nap:  Cover yourself... Continue Reading →

Lifestyle Buzz: Go Green With Envy!

Go green; with envy!” Fighting to stay healthy and eat healthy is the ultimate revenge against poor health. And for that reason alone its time to incorporate more green in your life. Green vegetables are the best source of iron, and calcium. They also reduce cancer and heart disease. Because of their high magnesium, green vegetables are good for those... Continue Reading →

Being highly respected and acknowledged as a major figure in hip hop culture is all "Queen B" Lil KiM needs to make her happy.  As if she isn't already considered a young legend; with lots of female rappers mimicking her style.  But' wait there's more! The icing on the cake is sweet and everlasting; especially... Continue Reading →

Vibe Alert! Sevyn Streeter

Sweet tone melody, with an added twist of sensuality. This is the vibe we get from Sevyn Streeter 's "Before I Do" single; off her December/2016 released album' titled 'Girl Disrupted'. Yes ,we did say 2016, but' great things take time to make their rounds and this single is one of them.  Received well by critics this... Continue Reading →

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