Food Buzz: 50 Shades Of Shrimp

To all you sea food lovers; things just got a little more interesting in the palate department. Especially if you love eating shrimp. Known to be one of seafood’s aphrodisiacs. Shrimp for some; has become an all time food fetish.

What can’t be done with shrimp? Highly favored in all food areas as the number one seafood add on to any delightful meal. Shrimp is added to everything! Sandwiches, salads, entrees, and more! You can also fry them, grill them, and saute’ them.  Who doesn’t love a food that can be served hot or cold? Shrimp is your friend.

shrimps 1

Leave it up to many shrimp lovers to vouch this as one seafood you either love or hate. There is no in between with shrimps. Many love shrimp but; a time they want it. Shrimp is not an everyday food; but a palette wanting food. To say the least; you have to crave shrimp. When you do it taste even better!

You often try to resist the temptation, but you just can’t! If you are a loyal sea-food lover, shrimps are always at the top of your list. People, simply love shrimps because of their variety to be served many different ways.

shrimp 2

What can’t you do with a shrimp? There are literally so many personalities to shrimp meals. Get inspired to ramp up your shrimp skills. 

1. watch a food channel that caters to seafood

2. experiment with different added flavors to your shrimp meals

3. Take notes from restaurants that serve your favorite shrimp meal. 

shrimp 3


Add some shrimp to your life!