Netflix & Chill: Why This Trend Is Good For Your Health

Everyone’s doing it! Taking time to chill and enjoy the movie side of life. Netflix is getting a lot of good press with everyone being on “Netflix & Chill” mode. Single and coupled. According to the experts; taking the time to relax while watching your favorite TV show or movie is good for your health. Currently down time is considered rehab therapy like “wellness” and “healthy living”  Netflix plays a major part of this trend.

Good living is winding down your body with leisure you enjoy; rejuvenating your mind, body, and soul. Taking time to do nothing is one of the most underrated  healthy lifestyle facts to date.

netflix and chill time

Down time has more benefits than you may think. Studies show; your health gets the full rewards of down time. The body immediately goes into recharge phase. Re-energizing the organs and settling the heart. In return; you receive good blood circulation which adds to a healthier heart and a healthier you!



Retro Nightlife: Get Inspired By David Bowie & Iman

Now that fall is officially here. Everyone is looking forward to crisp cool nights of sexiness. Getting dress and going out on the town can be a much-needed release from the stressful work week. The nightlife can become the perfect remedy. Turning up and letting loose is what this never ending trend is all about.

The nightlife gives everyone a chance to play the role. Watching the rich and famous strut their stuff out on the town is all the inspiration you need to shine. They promote the image of a fabulous social life and we love it! Especially the couples who compliment each other’s style; while effortlessly enjoying life. In the 80’s and 90’s David Bowie and Iman was that couple.

The couple; being married for 24 years, until David’s recent passing in January/2016. Both David and Iman remain legendary within the entertainment world. David; a popular English singer, songwriter and actor. Known for his innovative work that span over 5 decades. Wife Iman; a famous Somali super model, actress and entrepreneur. Known for her successful cosmetic line and philanthropic work.

Watching David in Iman light up the town with their elegance and unique sense of fashion; made the dynamic duo everyone’s favorite couple in the 80’s 90’s and 2000’s. They clicked as a couple, complimented each other’s style and expressed their love for one another publicly. They made the nightlife look glamorous!

2003_W magazine Campaign Shoot

Couples that play together will forever stay together. David and Iman knew this all to well. Their love for one another turned them into best friends. Their style and presence within the social world remained at all time high.

Want to feel the happiness of the nightlife? Laugh, smile, mingle, dance? Do it with your best friend; the one you love. Get up, get dress and step into the city. Let David and Iman inspire you. Studies show; couples who play together stay together forever; via Huffington Post February/2017. 


Lifestyle Buzz: Go Green With Envy!

Go green; with envy!” Fighting to stay healthy and eat healthy is the ultimate revenge against poor health. And for that reason alone its time to incorporate more green in your life. Green vegetables are the best source of iron, and calcium. They also reduce cancer and heart disease. Because of their high magnesium, green vegetables are good for those with type 2 diabetes. Not a fan of green vegetables? Become one! Start small with these three basics.

brocolli_afterBroccoli is a nutritional wonder. Just a few servings weekly will deliver plenty of vitamin C, some A and B complex as well other minerals especially calcium and magnesium. Broccoli is also famous for it’s fiber. Enjoy!


Popeye was right! Spinach is the ultimate power punch! Spinach is packed with beta-carotene a powerful disease fighting antioxidant. It fights cancer, heart disease and reduces the risk of cataract. When served raw spinach provides a large amount of vitamin C. But, when overcooked you loose all the nutrients.


Kale: is a rockstar! Kale has all the beneficial nutrients to keep you healthy and glowing. Packed with vitamin A,C & K, it also provides calcium potassium and folate. All this in one vegetable! Try kale you will love it.

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Fashion Buzz: Brooch My Look Will Forever Trend

Bring them out! Bring them out! Pizzazz your wardrobe with brooches and pins. Re-invent your favorite looks just by adding little details to spice it up. Brooches have been around since the Colonial days. They will never leave. Don’t buy clothes by brooches and pins. Add the extra bling to your everyday look.

rihanna brooches

What can brooches be used on? Hats, purses, sweaters, scarves, and as head jewelry. You can even use brooches and pins as a vanguard ensemble. Wear as many as you like. Just wear them!

beyonce brooches

More is less when it comes to serving the brooch look as your fashion appetizer. overflowing of brooches with jewels, symbols and shine can take your look to the next level.

History of the brooch: Brooches didn’t start out as jewels. They began life as functional, utilitarian items that were used to secure pieces of clothing, like a loincloth. The first recorded brooches were made of thorns and flint, while pins crafted from metal date back to the Bronze Age. [Via].

How do you ware a brooch: Placement is key. A brooch always works when worn, left or right, over the bust, but it can also be a surprising embellishment at the center of a buttoned up collar. Don’t just start pinning brooches all over or in the middle of a dress or top [ Via Huffington Post].


Brooches are accessories that will never go out of style. The modern-day women wear them, the classy women wear them, the street style girls wears them. Wearing a brooch is a lifestyle and will forever trend.


Pucker Up Ladies: 6 Lipstick Tricks To Try This Fall

 Lipstick can rule the day in the world of beauty and fashion. Every woman should know the many tips and tricks when it comes to maintaining proper lipstick etiquette. Picking the right shade, color etc.. only wins half the battle. With so many ways to enhance your beauty; why not let the lips become the main focus as you step out into the world. The “perfect pout” is all you need to make a statement.  Here are 6 Lipstick tricks every woman should try.


1. Plump it up- Thin lips? Not a problem; the plump it up effect is “oh so sexy”! For plumper lips apply a liner outside of your natural lip line, add lipstick, use a thin layer of gloss an overlay.  Helpful Tip: (If using a glossy lipstick; no need to add extra gloss as an overlay).

2. Line it right-  Tending to the important details can make room for the perfect lip. Define your lips the right way by using a matching liner; the same color as your lipstick. Helpful Tip: (Dark liner around the lips is so in the past, and is considered to be “tacky” in the beauty world).

3. Mix & match- It’s all about the perfect color. Can’t find the right shade of lipstick?  Mix two colors together and see what you come up with. By mixing and matching you can create your own signature color.


4. Two in one- Not only can you use your favorite lip color on the lips; you can also use it as a blush. When wearing a nude lip; add a secondary lip color as a blush. Helpful tip: (Never use blush as a lipstick).

5. Blott- Enhance your lip perfection. If you love wearing a bold lip become an expert blotter. Take one of your fingers and slightly blott your lips; even out with a smooth glide. Blotting takes away all the excess color and prevents the lipstick from leaking on to your teeth.

6. Red rules- There is a rule for everything. When it comes to the “Red Lip” there is no exception. You need to know the “Red Lip Rules”.  Helpful Tip: (Dark red lipstick can make thin lips look thinner. To maximize your lips; the brighter the red the better).

From Lemons To Lemonade Here’s Why Beyonce’s “Coffee Table” Book Will Inspire You

As if Beyonce has not inspired most American girls, women, and men with her latest album ‘Lemonade’. Now; there appears to be a catalog of visuals to match the evolution of this successful project. One of the hardest working women in showbiz is set to release  a $300, 600 page coffee table book.

beyonce-lemonade_coffee table

“How To Make Lemonade” is a 600 plus page “limited edition” box set of never- before- seen photos of the making of Beyonce’s 2016 landmark album “Lemonade.”
Added bonus; two vinyl LP’s, and poetry by Warsan Shire; the author who work was added to the “Lemonade album. Other sources are reporting this as well. This exclusive set is being pre-sold on Beyonce’s website for $299.99.

Beyonce_How_Yo_Make_Lemonde_img2What appears to be Beyonce’s best body of work so far; adding visuals complete the puzzle and make it more successful.  ‘Making lemonade out of lemons’ seems to be everyone’s theme these days. Could this be why the album is so successful?  Everyday normal people dealing with heavy issues discussed. women, racism, infidelity and more. Lemonade happens to touch on all these topics.

When it comes to the visuals. The “Lemonade” project displayed retro and present. Each visual was perfectly executed to tell a story. And with Beyonce’s powerful persona and down to earth aura; everyone can related. The effect of Lemonade’  touched on a lot of situations that are becoming all to normal; instead of just a passing phase, “especially”  what most black women face in today’s world. And what Beyonce being one; many look up to her to tell their side of the story.  

Lyrics of pain, frustration, and betrayal with added visuals to show; makes for one good story anyone can testify. Many ar inspired by the process of knowing other’s have the same pain, including Beyonce. Oh’ but there’s another side to Lemonade of joy, strength, and determination. Giving you the feeling you can overcome whatever! 

Beyonce Coffe:LemondageFrom lemons to lemonade; why should everyone be inspired by this particular album? Could it be the vulnerability of (Beyonce’s “hold up”),  the empowerment of (Beyonce’s “Formation”), or the rage of (Beyonce ft Jack White “Dont Hurt Yourself”), etc..  The release of unwanted emotions can be ever so healing. This masterpiece of an album remains successful and is considered to be a classic! beyonce-formation-stillAll hail the queen! Beg to differ? Drop a comment below. To date; Lemonade is considered a classic album.



Summertime Fine: Pull Out The Dukes!


Sporting your Daisy Dukes for Summer/17? If not, it’s a must! Update your summer look by adding this timeless trend. Got it? Time to flaunt it! Not too little, not too much ;but just right. The dukes are all about celebrating sexy legs not the butt cheeks. (Although the bold and fashion forward would disagree).

When it comes to sporting you dukes less is considered more. Let’s face reality. Every woman aims to spice up her sex appeal; just to see if she still has her mojo. Once compliments start coming in from admires; you will know, you are still “one hot sexy momma! 

courtney kardashian

Daisy dukes are so popular many celebrities flaunt their dukes in public. Holding on to their sex appeal is what keeps them trending. Your dukes can be worn either way; dressed up, or dressed down. This timeless fashion trend was created by the character played by Catherine Bach from the 1980’s television series Dukes of Hazzard. Known as the character “Daisy” her sex appeal is what caught the most attention. Beautiful with a bright smile and a pair of sexy legs; while wearing short jean short

beyonce Daisy dukes

It would not be right to flaunt your dukes if you do not have a great pair of legs as a bonus. Are you feeling that you need to tone your lower body before you bring the dukes out? Incorporate these lower body exercises to better legs…. click here

Daisy-Duke-Work Out

Bring out the dukes!

Forever Trending: The Benefits of Berry Beauty

Strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, cherries, berry, berry, berry and more berries! These fruits are the ultimate beauty bites. Want to look good? Want your skin to glow and shine to the highest capacity. Have some berries! Packed with antioxidants, berries are the ultimate power house!

Blueberries & Blackberries:  Studies show these low-profile berries were ranked number one in antioxidant activity by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The antioxidants in blueberries and blackberries protect you from premature aging.

strawberry post image

Strawberries: This berry is packed with antioxidants and alpha hydroxy acid which gets rid of dead skin cells so that youthful skin can be revealed. Just imagine when a snake’s skin peel. Only to be replaced by a shiny new layer. As per you can also open a strawberry, rub it on a wet face, leave it for a couple of minutes and rinse it off. Your skin will be smooth as a baby’s bottom.

Cherries: This fruit is your best friend it protects your body from stress and free radicals which in returns helps you sleep better. We all know getting some good sleep can take years off your face. Cherries are also packed with vitamin C and Vitamin A- which adds elastic to the skin to give it that soft plump effect. Get some cherries in your life!

Add some berries to your life daily. Reap the benefits towards better beauty!

Bad Chick Central: 5 Beauty Tips Only A “Bad Chick” Will Use

This revolution has been televised! We see it all the time. Risk takers, and jaw dropper. The “bad chick’ trend is in full effect. They own their beauty and fierce presence. Unfortunately; with this trend you are either in or out.

Becoming a “bad chick” is just the icing on the cake. Many women make this a lifestyle. Those who fear change; need not to apply. These are [5 beauty tips only a bad chick will use]..

Bad Chick Featured

1. Cat eye: If  you wear the ‘cat eye’ you have officially entered the danger zone. Bad chicks don’t apologize when wearing a sleek eye. They want you to know they are naughty!

2. Bright locks: Red, Blonde, Blue, Grey! Pick a color out of the rainbow. Only a “bad chick” can rock a bright hair color and own the night. The attention she gets is priceless and she loves it.

3. Bright Lip: Her fire engine red lip is just her Monday look. Wait until the weekend comes and she flashes you with a Tiffany Blue lip. Not to mention it goes well with her whole ensemble. What a risk taker!

red light special feature image

4. stiletto nails: Who said this trend died? Bad chicks are dead sold on keeping this around. The stiletto nails where also recreated to add layers and props. Nude nails we love you, but a bad chick turns her nose up at this suggestion

5. Bold accessories: Leave the diamond studs at home. Bad girls are over accessorizing when it comes to jewelry. They can rock the real bling or dazzle you out with layers of chains and row of earrings.


Did you get the memo? Bad chicks are multiplying.

I Woke Up Like This: Beauty Secrets To Flawless Skin

Skin, skin, skin, and more skin. Flawless skin is on everyone’s wish list. Are you in search for it? The perfect skin care regimen is all you need to obtain this goal. Simple changes to your beauty routine is the key. Follow these steps and soon you will be able to shout to the world. “I WOKE UP LIKE THIS”


Before we spill the beans. We wanted to let you know how simple these tips are. What’s in question; is do you do them enough? Do you fit these simple tips into your lifestyle the right way. If done right you flawless skin will forever remain flawless. Try these helpful tips…