Sephora On The Rise


Extra Extra! Read all about it.  Are you ready for the grand entrance of Sephora’s “Formula “X”?  Color on top of colors is how we can explain their next venture. Currently, a bunch of secret elfs are working in the Sephora factory.


Coming September 2013 Sephora will launch a new nail polish collection with over 200 colors. The biggest nail polish collection to date! How amazing is that! Lacquers will sell for $10 to $12.50, and treatments for up to $14. Sephora is ready to make a statement in the world of beauty.  From translucent to neons, finding the perfect color will not be a problem. They will also launch optional nail care treatments as well. We guess it is all about the hands with Sephora this year.


Having A Bad Day? Go RED!


Having a bad day? Having a bad week? Having a bad month? Throw on some red!  Add a red lip to your look, or red nails. It will instantly brighten your mood and add some sparkle to your smile.


Beauty 101 tip: Everyone doesn’t have to know you are in a bad mood, or going through bad times in life. Your outer appearance must remain impeccable and inviting.  Have you ever heard of the saying…..”Smile in the  mist of the storm; therefore; no one will ever know you where living in it”  Get some red in your life!