What Happen To Part 2?

Boomerang, Poetic Justice, Love & Basket Ball, and Love Jones. What do they have in common? They where  the best Urban Tale love movies ever. we loved it! They provide the best love stories and scene concepts. When you are hooked on an “Urban Tale” love movie, its hard to resist not wanting more. CurrentlyContinue reading What Happen To Part 2?

Beyonce’s Weekend Takeover!

Entertainment Buzz. {Beyonce Weekend Takeover} We can never get enough of Beyonce. This weekend the superstar singer is scheduled to have another take-over! Her highly anticipated doumentary [Life Is But A Dream] will be shown on HBO this S…aturday. But, before the big reveal as we watch the superstar strip herself bare and let usContinue reading Beyonce’s Weekend Takeover!