Showtime! Show Of Your Edgy Lips

red-lipsticks1Beauty has its days. Some days you avoid the spotlight, some days you rather bask it in it! If you are a woman; you can relate. However; there comes a time in every woman’s life when her beauty is challenged. At least this is how she feels mentally.

Women are often controlled by hormones and emotions. In life this happens. When faced with days like this; pull out the secret weapon. Your lips! Boost your confidence with one simple change.

Every woman is her lips! No matter the size or shape. Bring out the alter ego on those dull days. Why not upgrade your lip pop. Rock out in a red! Reveal your sexy side in plum passion! Show off your Y.O.L.O side in a yellow pout! Its all about the dramatics, the appearance, the shock value. Demand your spotlight!


There is just something special about women wearing bold lip colors. It takes a lot to stand out. When all else fails. Add some color to your life. Being unpredictable adds mystery to your presence. Why fit in with the crowd? Awaken your makeup routine with a strong edgy presence. In return; your mood will automatically shift. The lips are a powerful tool.

[Bonus tip:] Mac cosmetics, Revlon, and Maybelline pack a powerful punch when it comes to their lipstick colors. Get on trend!



Red Lip Rules:

Pucker Up: 6 Lipstick Tricks Every Woman Should Try

Feels good to have the blues!

Lipstick can rule the day in the world of beauty and fashion. Every woman should know the many tips and tricks when it comes to maintaining proper lipstick etiquette. Picking the right shade, color etc.. only wins half the battle. With so many ways to enhance your beauty; why not let the lips become the main focus as you step out into the world. The “perfect pout” is all you need to make a statement.  Here are 6 Lipstick tricks every woman should know.

Red Lip Rules

The hottest lip color just got hotter! The red lip has been around since the 1960’s. Religiously women use this as their beauty secret weapon. Whenever you need a beauty pick me up, or to add some ‘spunk” to a dull face, go with a “red lip”. However; this lip color does comes with a couple of rules. 


Commit to these “red lip rules’ and you will forever be a HOT beauty.


Red Lip RulesRule 1: Make sure your choice of “red lipstick” matches your skin tone. Of course it should not matter, but it does. Not everyone can pull off  the brightest red lipstick. Not everyone can pull off the dullest red lipstick. Make sure the one you wear, fits with your skin tone.


red lip rulesred lip rulesRule 2: When wearing a “red lip” keep your other make up colors toned down. This rule definitely applies when wearing a [fire engine] red lip. To many color clashes will throw your look off completely. Try keeping your face nude, let your red lip stand out on its own!


red lip rulesRule 3: Always re-touch your red lip when necessary. The biggest ‘beauty no” is a smeared lip! Especially when its a red lip. This lip color is a sight to behold.  Never be seen with a smeared or dull red lip. Make sure to have your re-touch kit handy; ie.. lipstick pencil and lipstick. The “red lip” has the reputation of being a show stopper! Represent it correctly, or you will be banned for life.


Beauty Quiz: Can you tell us how many times we mentioned “red lip” in this post?





The “Beauty” With A Budget Friendly Brush

It’s about the right essentials. However; you don’t need a lot of money to invest in the right brushes. We found the right brushes that will enhance your beauty even more; while keeping your pockets happy.


1. Sonia Kashuk 10 Piece Brush Up Kit:  The right brushes has no limit or timing and these brushes are as good as it get! 10 pieces for only $27 at target. If you know anything about Sonia Kashuk; you know their brushes are high quality and budget friendly. Perfect for traveling while staying “pretty in pink’ 

Sonia Kashuk 10 Piece Brush Kit
Sonia Kashuk 10 Piece Brush Kit


2. Rickey’s Paintbrush make-up Brushes: If don’t know, now you know! This 21 piece collection with nylon,goat hair and sable will take you to heaven. Not to mention while staying  on budget. They also come with their very own online guide. Check out…..

Rickys NYC
Ricky’s Paint Brush Make-up Brushes

All The Right Details


Feature enhancement can either make you or break you. Adding all the right details to complete that hot make-up look is a must. So! what are the beauty editors saying about the specific details you should know? What are their magic tips for making the stars look beautiful and glamorous?​

When it comes to applying make-up , we do know that it is a job within itself. Have you ever had a bad make-up experience? Not the right foundation color, shadow, or lipstick? It just did not compliment your look. Somehow  it looked great on  Halle Berry, Beyonce or Kim Kardashian, but why can’t you pull it off?

Here are 5 important make-up tips every woman should know

1.Clean it-Use a facial cleanser in the morning to shed dead skin cells and oils that the skin so kindly tried to remove during the night, and repeat the ritual in the evening to keep to prevent your skin from build up. The skin must be a clean canvas.

2.Primer– Applying a great make-up primer is a must. No cracks or fading. Use a  non stick moisturizing primer before applying your make-up. It does wonders! The primer adds a special glow as well prevents a ghost face. Nars, Smashbox, Revlon and Mac have great make-up primer’s for any skin tone.

3. Apply It right!- Foundation application should never stop at the jaw-line. It does not matter how closely your chosen shade matches your skin tone. Use a makeup sponge to gently blend your foundation down your neck to ensure an even, natural-looking skin tone.

4. Balance it out- If you prefer a dramatic eye look, then balance that with neutral cheeks and a nude lip. The same goes for red lipstick. If you are trying to pull off a cherry-colored pout, then stick to neutral tones on the rest of your face.

5. Know your colors- Wearing the wrong colors for your skin tone can destroy your look. Colors that don’t suit your skin tone can make you look pale, washed out, or even give your skin a green tint.

Its all about the details. In order to have a successful make-up look, one must educate themselves on the best products to use. Get inspired!

Yes Yellow!

282919_10151856538550179_241819791_n 598417_10152351007985179_1034049790_n img-thing

Excuse me ladies; I beg your pardon. Did you only think the infamous “red lip” was your go to guide for sex appeal? We know the “red lip” is a must have; but definitely not a must do, when you have yellow. YES yellow!  Are you bold enough to go the extra mile?

Yellow lipstick sales are rising. We where shocked as well; when we heard the news. Consider our job done. We just gave you the #BeautyBuzz.

The 2013 Lip Pop!

On the hunt, for that perfect lip. We went under deep investigation. Our plan consisted of events, movie dates, and lots of laughter. We wanted to find the best lip pop that could stand the test of time and keep us looking stunning in 2013.


The texture, the moisture, the scents and colors, not to mention the lasting effects. How fun is it to just have your lips glowing and looking good at all times. We started out with 8, all did not make the cut, so we rather not name. The ones that made the cut, sold us at the first try.

If you ever want to have the perfect lip pop. You must carefully choose the right lip gloss. These top four choices is a must try. They provide all the qualities women need to have the perfect lip pop!

MAC:   Who doesn’t know about MAC they are one of the top sellers in a billion dollar industry. So of course you would not be surprised if we tell you the quality of their lip gloss is fabulous. The texture is thick and the moisture is long-lasting. Everyone woman has to own some MAC in their lifetime. MAC lip gloss is for the ladies of the night. The passionate colors with high gloss, adds that special attention to your lips. Try it!

NARS:    We see why NARS is an award winning cosmetic line! The lip gloss neutrals are intense. The texture is light but full of moisture. This is not a lip gloss you need to apply much of. Keep in mind that more than one layer starts to have a sticky effect. The main thing we like about NARS is their sheer colors. We have yet to see a cosmetic line match the neutrals. Light day? Not much lip gloss? NARS is your answer.

SMASHBOX:    This gloss has a long lasting effect. Not to mention the gorgeous colors. (In between) is what we will review this lip gloss. It lasted up to six hours without a re- apply. Texture was ok. Not bad at all . Color selections can be enhanced a little but we hear they have a fab 2013 collection coming out. If you want a gloss that will last for a long time. Smashbox is the answer.

LUCID:    Now lucid is the baby of the crew, but boy are they making an impact. This lip gloss actually reminds of MAC. The texture the moisture, and oh do we love the colors. The packaging is so cute. Created in a way where you can place it in your little clutch without the bulk showing. We see big things for lucid. We love the names of the line. Capri, San tropes, Aspen etc…. It might be safe to say this lip gloss caters to the all around the world type of lady. We love the idea.

There you have it. Our top four lip gloss picks. This project took us three months in the making. Beauty 101 is a lot of work.

Beauty Rewind: Hello Spring! 10 Must Have Beauty Treats Under $10

Get excited! Spring is in the air.. Time to shed the excess layers and stock up on your favorite beauty finds. All of the  best beauty buzz is at your local drug store. Check out these 10 must have beauty finds, under $10. Look good, smell good and feel good this spring with these treats.

1. Pacific Solid Perfumes– Solid perfumes are on trend. Great for emergencies when traveling. They provide a fresh spring smell. These smell good beauties are %100 vegan, gluten-free and made with organic soy, coconut wax and essential natural oils.  [$9.25 each].

2. Revlon Nail Art Expressionist– Looking for some great nail art? Create it yourself. Revlon Nail Art Expressionist “creates a strong backdrop with a bold base-coat”. Use the skinny nail art brush to create your unique designs. Find them at your local beauty/drugstore for [$9.00 each].

3. Sephora Body Wash Pods– How cute are these assorted smell good pods. Great for traveling when you need to do a quick” freshen up” Make sure you always have one in your purse just to have a smell good pick me up when needed. – [80 cents each].

4. Organix Teetree Mint- You can either go with the collection or individual. The shampoo and conditioner or both under ten dollars, allowing you to add more. This mint shampoo and conditioner adds moisturizer and strength to your hair. Not to mention the tingly mint treatment that massages your scalp. Relax, unwind and enjoy the pleasure of this micro infused Teatree collection. [Shampoo-$2.99, Condition-$3.99]

5. L’oreal Paris Colour Caresse– This unique but subtle lip balm quenches your every desire. The lip pop gives you a long-lasting effect of a lipstick. [$9.99 each]

6. Mark Juice Gems– We love these high shine tinted glosses, with real fruit extract. How tasty would that be to actually wear something on your lips that looks good and taste good. Visit your local Avon sales rep to order this tasty gloss [$6.50 each]

7. Stella Mare Soy Candles– Just the right smell, not too much or less. These citrus scented candles will boost your mood. [$9.99 each]

8. Bling Boards- Who knew filing your nails could be so fab! How fun can it be to add a touch of glam with the smallest things you do. When you file your nails take your time and enjoy the sites of your bling board. Beauty should be incorporated into everything you do. $1.00]

9.Garner Moisture Rescue Gel Cream– This gel cream is moisture at it’s best.  The perfect non-stick cream great for layering under your make -up.  Its smooth with no build up, not to mention. the great reviews from beauty experts. This gel-cream has taken on a life of its own. [$6.00]

10. Fresh Flowers– Yes, we said fresh flowers. Fresh flowers added to your  home weekly is the best beauty remedy ever! Flowers boost your mood, makes you smile daily and difuses the air in your home from toxins. They are  known to be the number (1) beauty pick -me up.