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Showtime! Show Of Your Edgy Lips

Beauty has its days. Some days you avoid the spotlight, some days you rather bask it in it! If you are a woman; you can relate. However; there comes a time in every woman's life when her beauty is challenged. At least this is how she feels mentally. Women are often controlled by hormones and emotions.… Continue reading Showtime! Show Of Your Edgy Lips

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Pucker Up: 6 Lipstick Tricks Every Woman Should Try

Lipstick can rule the day in the world of beauty and fashion. Every woman should know the many tips and tricks when it comes to maintaining proper lipstick etiquette. Picking the right shade, color etc.. only wins half the battle. With so many ways to enhance your beauty; why not let the lips become the… Continue reading Pucker Up: 6 Lipstick Tricks Every Woman Should Try

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The “Beauty” With A Budget Friendly Brush

It's about the right essentials. However; you don't need a lot of money to invest in the right brushes. We found the right brushes that will enhance your beauty even more; while keeping your pockets happy.   1. Sonia Kashuk 10 Piece Brush Up Kit:  The right brushes has no limit or timing and these brushes are… Continue reading The “Beauty” With A Budget Friendly Brush

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All The Right Details

Feature enhancement can either make you or break you. Adding all the right details to complete that hot make-up look is a must. So! what are the beauty editors saying about the specific details you should know? What are their magic tips for making the stars look beautiful and glamorous?​ When it comes to applying… Continue reading All The Right Details

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The 2013 Lip Pop!

On the hunt, for that perfect lip. We went under deep investigation. Our plan consisted of events, movie dates, and lots of laughter. We wanted to find the best lip pop that could stand the test of time and keep us looking stunning in 2013. The texture, the moisture, the scents and colors, not to mention the… Continue reading The 2013 Lip Pop!

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Beauty Rewind: Hello Spring! 10 Must Have Beauty Treats Under $10

Get excited! Spring is in the air.. Time to shed the excess layers and stock up on your favorite beauty finds. All of the  best beauty buzz is at your local drug store. Check out these 10 must have beauty finds, under $10. Look good, smell good and feel good this spring with these treats.… Continue reading Beauty Rewind: Hello Spring! 10 Must Have Beauty Treats Under $10

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Beauty Buzz: Plum Passion

Beautiful ladies, we don't have anything against nude lips. But, is it wrong for wanting more color in your life? Thank you for understanding. This is why we had to give you our plum passion repost. This lip color just speaks for itself. Its passionate and dangerous! Ouch! Revlon has a nice plum passion lip-stick