Pleasure Zone: Knowing Your Body Hot Spots

The garden is open for discussion. The body pleasure zones are the topic. If mentally you are in a sexy headspace; this is the discussion for you. Delighted in the littlest ways to reach the highest climax is all over your body. lady-black-dress-jewellery-dress-39648.jpeg

Did You Know?

The Butt: Is considered to be enticing to the opposite sex. However; the butt happens to be very sensitive when touched due to its many sensory nerves. One touch on the cheeks inflames these sensitive areas; causing major eroticism. 

Behinds The Knees: Ticklish and sensitive. Behind the knees is a soft spot many enjoy once touched. Only because its a random spot and adds excitement to the rondevu.  Behind the knees is a random spot but oh so arousing. 


“It’s been reported that the neck and toes, when stimulated in the right way can lead a woman to orgasm,: says the author of “Its All In Your Head” – Keith Blanchard.

Clitoris: As if you didn’t know already. Known to be the President of hotspots for women. The clitoris has thousands of sensory nerves extended through your labia. Direct stimulation when touched. The clitoris is the # contender.

Nipples: Sucked or twisted they both have the same effect; lighting up the brains’ pleasure sensors. The nipples are a quick go-to rouser. Knowing for sure the job is done when touched. 


More Hot Spots Are

Chest, Core, Lips, Ears, Toes

Pleasure zone_1 romantic-roses-champaign-lingerie_925x

All pleasure zones take a little time to get used too. Especially the ones that are not aroused often. Random pleasure acts should b done to keep the flame burning. Enticing the body is the hottest romantic act ever. Surely but slowly some gives in. 

When its all said and done the pleasure spots will need to be watered every now and then. In return’ the garden will grow into full bloom. Get familiar with pleasure spots or let your partner study for the test. 

“Pleasure in the job puts perfection to work” -Aristotle

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Love Potion 99: 4 Sex Cocktails

ˈkäkˌtāl/  (noun)
an alcoholic drink consisting of a spirit or several spirits mixed with other ingredients, such as fruit juice, lemonade, or cream. Via:

All moods of cocktails can tease the palette. However; it is the popular ones that get all the buzz. They need no introduction, but although popular; are they easy to make? And although easy to make; are they considered to be cocktails of love ie.. romantic cocktails, sensual cocktails, sexy cocktails? The cocktails that provide that right kind of feeling. We called these cocktails “love potion 99”


In light of the sexiest holiday ever; “Valentines Day” we went on the search for love potion 99 a.k.a. sexual cocktails. 

  1. Margarita:  According to The perfect margarita is all about fresh, crisp flavors barely tempered by triple sec and sugar.” Margarita’s are classic but remain on top as one of the most popular and sexiest cocktails. There is just something about the Margarita. Lick the brim on this love potion! Get the recipe from serious eats.  
  2. Cosmopolitan: Leave it up to Carrie Bradshaw from HBO’s Sex And The City to make the cosmopolitan a popular cocktail; all while flaunting fabulous clothes.  Women love stepping into the night playing the role under the spell of this love potion. Men prefer to steer clear of the Cosmo. Whatever the case may be the Cosmopolitan will forever remain popular and sexual. French-Cosmo-de-medium-new
  3. Sex On The Beach: Yes, this island fantasy cocktail is still on trend portraying an aura of sex. Pay homage to the sex on the beach; for this cocktail has been deemed “the baby maker” of all cocktails. Once in the system, the rest is history. Beautiful memories have been made from drinking Sex On The Beach. At least that’s what we heard (shameless grin). Get the recipe via Daily Meals.
  4. Ménage à Trois: The name says it all. Pack a smile and sense of humor when requesting this cocktail at the bar. Nevermind the extra stares and glances. This love potion lives up to its name. Rum is considered to be an alcohol aphrodisiac


  • 34 ounce white rum
  • 34 ounce Marie Brizard Triple Sec Liqueur
  • 12 ounce fresh lemon juice
  • 12 ounce gomme syrup
  • 3 strawberries
  • 2 fresh basil leaves


Place 3 strawberries and 2 fresh basil leaves into the bottom of a mixing glass. Add the rum and crush slightly with a muddler. Add the other ingredients and some ice. Shake vigorously. Strain and pour into a cocktail glass. Garnish with 3 strawberries slices and a basil leaf on a swizzle stick.

cocktailsWhat type of cocktail you consider your love potion? Many have a favorite. Are you one of them? Give us your feedback. 

V Day Guide: The Art Of Romance

To all the lovers in the house. There is a real love potion. Studies show; excitement from romance increases oxytocin. Which in return; increase your dopamine levels. Consider this the best love potion ever. Happening right in the body. 

Many need romance; like the body needs oxygen. Romance ignites the passion from within. That passion initiates bonding between two parties. Passion can be dangerous but ‘oh so’ romantic. It frequently makes an appearance for the fire to continue burning. Lose the passion. and lose everything. Romance is the antidote for the passion to remain.

The Art of Romance

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Red Light Special: Enhance Your Inner Romance

red light special. 5 tips on hQuality time at home is just what the doctor ordered. Life handles you work but where is your play? Take “time out” for the simple pleasures of life by releasing your inner romance. One must master this technique in order to maintain their inner calm. Whether single or committed. Romance applies to all and without these enhancement techniques life would be dull.



 SET THE THEME: The stage is your bedroom. Change your bed linens from cotton to sexy satan. Close the curtains and add romantic props to your room such as led lights, or candles. Keep in mind; you will want your setting to last long. Led candles are a great option instead of real candleromantice room


EPIC BUBBLE BATH: The romance game has begun once the bathroom setting is ready. Pull out the luxury bubble bath. The one you only use on special occasions. With added candles and champagne on chill to the side; It’s time to visualize sensual yearnings as you float.Make-Time-for-Yourself-3

PRESS PLAY: Enhance your inner romance with  music. Something soft, slow and makes you feel good.  How about that epic love song you “oh so love”. Lay back relax and reminisce.

PLAY THE PART: Luxurious scents of candles and fragrances , lingerie, jewels and more. Glam yourself up while enjoying your romantic  surrounding. You’re the leading character in this movie. Mimic one of your favorite Hollywood stars.main-photo-miki_howard_love under new management

EAT EXOTIC: Enhance your inner romance by eating exotic. Order in and combine your creation on a fancy plate. Add a glass of wine on the side. Let your taste buds take you to another place. Stay in the moment. Exotic foods are sexy.exotic meal_after5

Enhance your inner romance with little effort. From what you eat; to the music you listen to. Your inner romance is waiting to come out in a soft way. Romance is all about sensuality. 


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The Glow: Living Life With Simple Beauty

Simple beauty moments are the focal point of ones daily living. Life can be seen realistically and beautifully. No amount of make up or grooming can make up for the simple beauty moments daily life provides. 

While winter has arrived; so has colder temperatures, messy weather, and cabin fever. While everyone is tucked away waiting for spring to bloom. Dreaming of the days to hear the birds chirping while the sun is shining; there are beauty moments money can’t buy. Let us help you acknowledge them. 

Meagan-Good1. Spirituality: Your spirituality is so important in enhancing your true beauty. It’s reported; being at peace with one’s self ask that extra glow to your life. Strong faith and hope while smiling along the way is the best beauty treatment ever. 

Stress, negativity, pessimism, and hatred causes wrinkles. Even on the most physical beautiful person.

2. Family:   Love them; or not! On some days, but on all accounts keep them around. Studies show;  family harmony has been added on as the ultimate beauty glow. It’s simple; Family support and gatherings make one heck of a bonding experience Spending time with loved ones who know you as a real person is all one can ask for. Home is where the heart is. 

Meghan Good _Devon Franklin

3. Makeover: Giving yourself that confidence boost is the best! It can be something small like, getting a haircut or changing your hair color. Change is good; making you happy you took the chance.  In return; you feel alive again and your inner glow starts to show on the outside as well.

4. Friends:  Everyone needs a positive social circle. One that make you feel free and be who you are. Child hood friends brings back memories, new friends add excitement, and pets can be your best friend. Being surrounded by those who make you laugh is the best beauty treatment. No wrinkles!!

No friends? Join a social network, group, or committee that caters to your happiness. One in which you have interest in. Making friends with those who you have a lot in common with; is effortless and not forced! Try it! get your glow on.

friends_essence magazine

5. Career: Not all jobs are bad.  However; it does feel good to do something you really love. If you are a person who follows their passion, you are glowing with beauty as we speak! Doing what you love is the best beauty secret. A simple beauty moment that never fades. You glow, you stive, you live, you love.  In return; you are satisfied with life.

Meagan-Good-2014Photos Credit: Meaghan Good, Devon Franklin, Essence Magazine



Netflix & Chill: Why This Trend Is Good For Your Health

Everyone’s doing it! Taking time to chill and enjoy the movie side of life. Netflix is getting a lot of good press with everyone being on “Netflix & Chill” mode. Single and coupled. According to the experts; taking the time to relax while watching your favorite TV show or movie is good for your health. Currently down time is considered rehab therapy like “wellness” and “healthy living”  Netflix plays a major part of this trend.

Good living is winding down your body with leisure you enjoy; rejuvenating your mind, body, and soul. Taking time to do nothing is one of the most underrated  healthy lifestyle facts to date.

netflix and chill time

Down time has more benefits than you may think. Studies show; your health gets the full rewards of down time. The body immediately goes into recharge phase. Re-energizing the organs and settling the heart. In return; you receive good blood circulation which adds to a healthier heart and a healthier you!


Retro Nightlife: Get Inspired By David Bowie & Iman

Now that fall is officially here. Everyone is looking forward to crisp cool nights of sexiness. Getting dress and going out on the town can be a much-needed release from the stressful work week. The nightlife can become the perfect remedy. Turning up and letting loose is what this never ending trend is all about.

The nightlife gives everyone a chance to play the role. Watching the rich and famous strut their stuff out on the town is all the inspiration you need to shine. They promote the image of a fabulous social life and we love it! Especially the couples who compliment each other’s style; while effortlessly enjoying life. In the 80’s and 90’s David Bowie and Iman was that couple.

The couple; being married for 24 years, until David’s recent passing in January/2016. Both David and Iman remain legendary within the entertainment world. David; a popular English singer, songwriter and actor. Known for his innovative work that span over 5 decades. Wife Iman; a famous Somali super model, actress and entrepreneur. Known for her successful cosmetic line and philanthropic work.

Watching David in Iman light up the town with their elegance and unique sense of fashion; made the dynamic duo everyone’s favorite couple in the 80’s 90’s and 2000’s. They clicked as a couple, complimented each other’s style and expressed their love for one another publicly. They made the nightlife look glamorous!

2003_W magazine Campaign Shoot

Couples that play together will forever stay together. David and Iman knew this all to well. Their love for one another turned them into best friends. Their style and presence within the social world remained at all time high.

Want to feel the happiness of the nightlife? Laugh, smile, mingle, dance? Do it with your best friend; the one you love. Get up, get dress and step into the city. Let David and Iman inspire you. Studies show; couples who play together stay together forever; via Huffington Post February/2017. 


Lifestyle Buzz: Go Green With Envy!

Go green; with envy!” Fighting to stay healthy and eat healthy is the ultimate revenge against poor health. And for that reason alone its time to incorporate more green in your life. Green vegetables are the best source of iron, and calcium. They also reduce cancer and heart disease. Because of their high magnesium, green vegetables are good for those with type 2 diabetes. Not a fan of green vegetables? Become one! Start small with these three basics.

brocolli_afterBroccoli is a nutritional wonder. Just a few servings weekly will deliver plenty of vitamin C, some A and B complex as well other minerals especially calcium and magnesium. Broccoli is also famous for it’s fiber. Enjoy!


Popeye was right! Spinach is the ultimate power punch! Spinach is packed with beta-carotene a powerful disease fighting antioxidant. It fights cancer, heart disease and reduces the risk of cataract. When served raw spinach provides a large amount of vitamin C. But, when overcooked you loose all the nutrients.


Kale: is a rockstar! Kale has all the beneficial nutrients to keep you healthy and glowing. Packed with vitamin A,C & K, it also provides calcium potassium and folate. All this in one vegetable! Try kale you will love it.

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Got BODY?: Curvy Girl Confidence Is On The Rise

o”Pardon me, but my curves give me confidence”! This is what many women with curves in America are saying.  They feel good, They are healthy and they want you to know that. Curvy girl confidence is on a up-rise. 

Never underestimate a woman with curves, 9 times out of 10 she packs a powerful punch when she struts her stuff. It’s all about her BEAUTY, BRAINS & CONFIDENCE! If you got curves we found some”Curve Confidence” tips that will keep your curves on point.


1. Tone up– toning your body and curves is a must. That hour-glass figure and silhouette will turn heads. Try yoga it give you all the necessary stretching techniques to keep everything in place.

2. Shop The Right Way– Shop in your own stores curvy girls. Those outfits are specifically made for you. Don’t go to a store where you are not embraced for your curves. Go where you belong.

3. Dancing– Get inspired by learning a new dance like salsa! This is the type of dance that needs someone  who can flaunt their curves. At the same time it keeps you active and in shape.

4. Smile– Everywhere you go curvy girls put on a smile. A man loves a woman with  a sexy curvaceous silhouette and a smile. Add that extra oompfh! Curves without a smile is like peanut butter with out the jelly. They just go together so well. Add a smile to your curves.


The rise in ladies with curves stepping up to the plate and owning who they are has reached a tipping point. If you’re a woman with curves. Keep your confidence on 10. It’s your best asset!

Curvey Girl Confidence



Vibe Alert! Sevyn Streeter

Sweet tone melody, with an added twist of sensuality. This is the vibe we get from Sevyn Streeter ‘s “Before I Do” single; off her December/2016 released album’ titled ‘Girl Disrupted’. Yes ,we did say 2016, but’ great things take time to make their rounds and this single is one of them. 

sevyn streeter _2

Received well by critics this single is making its way through the airwaves. Major radio stations are adding this mono tone melody to the hit list. Currently climbing up the US R&B/Hip Hop Billboard list peaking at #15, and US R&B Billboard peaking at #1. Sevyn  Streeter is known to keep it soft and sexy with her music. For this; we will forever be grateful. No iffy ballot here. 


Added Bonus: Watch Sevyn Streeter turn up the vibe on another hot single titled “Don’t Kill The Fun featuring Chris Brown