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It’s A Lifestyle! 50 Shades Of Shrimp

To all you sea food lovers; things just got a little more interesting in the palate department. Especially; if you love eating shrimp. Known to be one of seafood's aphrodisiacs. Shrimp for some; has become an all time food fetish. What can't you do with shrimp? Highly favored as the number one seafood add on… Continue reading It’s A Lifestyle! 50 Shades Of Shrimp

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Level Next: Representing Your Brand The Right Way.

Building your own brand can be kind of tricky. The way you represent yourself can make or break you. We all know; everyone can have a skeleton or 2 in their closet. In other cases it can be 3, 4, 5, 6, and more. However; if you can just represent what, or who you aspire to be moving forward. You can turn your circumstances around.

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Pleasure Zone: Knowing Your Body Hot Spots

The garden is open for discussion. The body pleasure zones are the topic. If mentally you are in a sexy headspace; this is the discussion for you. Delighted in the littlest ways to reach the highest climax is all over your body.  Did You Know? The Butt: Is considered to be enticing to the opposite sex. However;… Continue reading Pleasure Zone: Knowing Your Body Hot Spots

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Love Potion 99: 4 Sex Cocktails

cock·tail ˈkäkˌtāl/  (noun) an alcoholic drink consisting of a spirit or several spirits mixed with other ingredients, such as fruit juice, lemonade, or cream. Via: All moods of cocktails can tease the palette. However; it is the popular ones that get all the buzz. They need no introduction, but although popular; are they easy to… Continue reading Love Potion 99: 4 Sex Cocktails

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V Day Guide: The Art Of Romance

To all the lovers in the house. There is a real love potion. Studies show; excitement from romance increases oxytocin. Which in return; increase your dopamine levels. Consider this the best love potion ever. Happening right in the body.  Many need romance; like the body needs oxygen. Romance ignites the passion from within. That passion initiates… Continue reading V Day Guide: The Art Of Romance

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Red Light Special: Enhance Your Inner Romance

Quality time at home is just what the doctor ordered. Life handles you work but where is your play? Take “time out” for the simple pleasures of life by releasing your inner romance. One must master this technique in order to maintain their inner calm. Whether single or committed. Romance applies to all and without… Continue reading Red Light Special: Enhance Your Inner Romance

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The Glow: Living Life With Simple Beauty

Simple beauty moments are the focal point of ones daily living. Life can be seen realistically and beautifully. No amount of make up or grooming can make up for the simple beauty moments daily life provides.  While winter has arrived; so has colder temperatures, messy weather, and cabin fever. While everyone is tucked away waiting… Continue reading The Glow: Living Life With Simple Beauty

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Netflix & Chill: Why This Trend Is Good For Your Health

Everyone’s doing it! Taking time to chill and enjoy the movie side of life. Netflix is getting a lot of good press with everyone being on “Netflix & Chill” mode. Single and coupled. According to the experts; taking the time to relax while watching your favorite TV show or movie is good for your health. Currently… Continue reading Netflix & Chill: Why This Trend Is Good For Your Health

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Retro Nightlife: Get Inspired By David Bowie & Iman

Now that fall is officially here. Everyone is looking forward to crisp cool nights of sexiness. Getting dress and going out on the town can be a much-needed release from the stressful work week. The nightlife can become the perfect remedy. Turning up and letting loose is what this never ending trend is all about.… Continue reading Retro Nightlife: Get Inspired By David Bowie & Iman

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Lifestyle Buzz: Go Green With Envy!

Go green; with envy!” Fighting to stay healthy and eat healthy is the ultimate revenge against poor health. And for that reason alone its time to incorporate more green in your life. Green vegetables are the best source of iron, and calcium. They also reduce cancer and heart disease. Because of their high magnesium, green vegetables are good for those… Continue reading Lifestyle Buzz: Go Green With Envy!

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Got BODY?: Curvy Girl Confidence Is On The Rise

o"Pardon me, but my curves give me confidence"! This is what many women with curves in America are saying.  They feel good, They are healthy and they want you to know that. Curvy girl confidence is on a up-rise.  Never underestimate a woman with curves, 9 times out of 10 she packs a powerful punch… Continue reading Got BODY?: Curvy Girl Confidence Is On The Rise

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Vibe Alert! Sevyn Streeter

Sweet tone melody, with an added twist of sensuality. This is the vibe we get from Sevyn Streeter 's "Before I Do" single; off her December/2016 released album' titled 'Girl Disrupted'. Yes ,we did say 2016, but' great things take time to make their rounds and this single is one of them.  Received well by critics this… Continue reading Vibe Alert! Sevyn Streeter