The garden is open for discussion. The body pleasure zones are the topic. If mentally you are in a sexy headspace; this is the discussion for you. Delighted in the littlest ways to reach the highest climax is all over your body.  Did You Know? The Butt: Is considered to be enticing to the opposite sex. However;... Continue Reading →


cock·tail ˈkäkˌtāl/  (noun) an alcoholic drink consisting of a spirit or several spirits mixed with other ingredients, such as fruit juice, lemonade, or cream. Via: All moods of cocktails can tease the palette. However; it is the popular ones that get all the buzz. They need no introduction, but although popular; are they easy to... Continue Reading →

To all the lovers in the house. There is a real love potion. Studies show; excitement from romance increases oxytocin. Which in return; increase your dopamine levels. Consider this the best love potion ever. Happening right in the body.  Many need romance; like the body needs oxygen. Romance ignites the passion from within. That passion initiates... Continue Reading →

Long day at work? We would usually tell you to get a glass a wine and relax. However;, something is telling us its one of those days. Need a drink? Pass the Hennessy! Sip on something different from your usual Hennessy with coke. Try these 3 flavorful Hennessy recipes. Relax & unwind   Drink 1:... Continue Reading →

Lifestyle Buzz: Go Green With Envy!

Go green; with envy!” Fighting to stay healthy and eat healthy is the ultimate revenge against poor health. And for that reason alone its time to incorporate more green in your life. Green vegetables are the best source of iron, and calcium. They also reduce cancer and heart disease. Because of their high magnesium, green vegetables are good for those... Continue Reading →

Being highly respected and acknowledged as a major figure in hip hop culture is all "Queen B" Lil KiM needs to make her happy.  As if she isn't already considered a young legend; with lots of female rappers mimicking her style.  But' wait there's more! The icing on the cake is sweet and everlasting; especially... Continue Reading →

Hello! You didn't think soup was only for the winter; did you? No; soup is all year around and having options can make any soup lover happy. Give your soul some much needed soup therapy. Not to mention; your fitness routine has inspired you to get your sexy back this fall. Choosing to eat lite... Continue Reading →

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