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From Her To Him: The Gift Of Bonding Over…

Ladies, did you know? Men have just as much interest of keeping themselves looking good as you do. At times he can have his divo ways, but isn't that a good thing? Bonding with him over beauty can lead to many wonderful things. He need help and you need his attention. What a perfect combination.… Continue reading From Her To Him: The Gift Of Bonding Over…

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Pucker Up Ladies: 6 Lipstick Tricks To Try This Fall

 Lipstick can rule the day in the world of beauty and fashion. Every woman should know the many tips and tricks when it comes to maintaining proper lipstick etiquette. Picking the right shade, color etc.. only wins half the battle. With so many ways to enhance your beauty; why not let the lips become the… Continue reading Pucker Up Ladies: 6 Lipstick Tricks To Try This Fall

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Trending Now : Must Do Beauty Tips For Men

  Men, are you looking to go from grunge to groomed? Need some extra beauty boost tips? Yes, you are handsome; but why not pamper yourself  to become gorgeous!  Hollywood hunks like Gorge Clooney, Denzel Washington, Brad Pitt, Idris Elba and all other male movie stars, should inspire you.  They just do not roll out… Continue reading Trending Now : Must Do Beauty Tips For Men

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Mother’s Week Magic: Falling Into Beauty

What happens when you fall into a bunch of beauty secrets? Nothing; you just become more beautiful by adding them to your daily beauty rituals. According  to "Hello Beautiful" by Susie Galvez, these inside out beauty tips are just what you need to become even more beautiful. Lucky you 1. Pump It Up!: Include exercise… Continue reading Mother’s Week Magic: Falling Into Beauty

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Stripped! Rejuvenate The Skin

Most often beauty resides within the “eye of the beholder”. Unfortunately in the “real world” this comes in the form of photo shop, and layers of makeup. Often created to produce a flawless skin look. Believing in false advertisement can only get you so far. The reproduction to flawless skin starts from it's bare foundation, not photo shop pics.… Continue reading Stripped! Rejuvenate The Skin

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All The Right Details

Feature enhancement can either make you or break you. Adding all the right details to complete that hot make-up look is a must. So! what are the beauty editors saying about the specific details you should know? What are their magic tips for making the stars look beautiful and glamorous?​ When it comes to applying… Continue reading All The Right Details