Pleasure Zone: Knowing Your Body Hot Spots

The garden is open for discussion. The body pleasure zones are the topic. If mentally you are in a sexy headspace; this is the discussion for you. Delighted in the littlest ways to reach the highest climax is all over your body.  Did You Know? The Butt: Is considered to be enticing to the opposite sex. However; the butt happens to be very sensitive when touched due to … Continue reading Pleasure Zone: Knowing Your Body Hot Spots

V Day Guide: The Art Of Romance

To all the lovers in the house. There is a real love potion. Studies show; excitement from romance increases oxytocin. Which in return; increase your dopamine levels. Consider this the best love potion ever. Happening right in the body. 

Many need romance; like the body needs oxygen. Romance ignites the passion from within. That passion initiates bonding between two parties. Passion can be dangerous but ‘oh so’ romantic. It frequently makes an appearance for the fire to continue burning. Lose the passion. and lose everything. Romance is the antidote for the passion to remain.

The Art of Romance

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