Retro Nightlife: Get Inspired By David Bowie & Iman

Now that fall is officially here. Everyone is looking forward to crisp cool nights of sexiness. Getting dress and going out on the town can be a much-needed release from the stressful work week. The nightlife can become the perfect remedy. Turning up and letting loose is what this never ending trend is all about.... Continue Reading →


Being highly respected and acknowledged as a major figure in hip hop culture is all "Queen B" Lil KiM needs to make her happy.  As if she isn't already considered a young legend; with lots of female rappers mimicking her style.  But' wait there's more! The icing on the cake is sweet and everlasting; especially... Continue Reading →

Still On Trend: The Lace Legacy

We rarely talk about lace, but the legacy must continue. The evolution of this material has taken a lot of criticism. Many believe and are under the impression that lace should only be worn during, weddings, proms, and elite social events. We think not! Recently Jennifer Lopez was spotted shutting it down in lace at... Continue Reading →

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