Epic Shutdown! Beyonce Leaves Lil Kim Speechless

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Being highly respected and acknowledged as a major figure in hip hop culture is all “Queen B” Lil KiM needs to make her happy.  As if she isn’t already considered a young legend; with lots of female rappers mimicking her style.  But’ wait there’s more! The icing on the cake is sweet and everlasting; especially when the acknowledgement comes from  “Queen Beyonce” and “King Jay Z”, who is considered Hip Hop’s royalty. 

Halloween 2017 was nothing short of an epic shutdown” when Queen Beyonce herself  paid homage to Lil Kim with a five picture spread of some of Lil Kim’s iconic looks. As per Beyonce’s website Halloween 2017 is all about Lil Kim appreciateion paying homage to Lil Kim as the original “Queen B”.

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While Beyonce was honoring Lil Kim; Jay Z was honoring Biggie; by dressing as him for Halloween. His mannerism and style was just like the late rapper Notorious BIG. Kim agreed, and expressed how honored she was on instagram.

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If you have been living under a rock. The honor from one Queen Bey to another Queen B is far past due. However; this long-awaited acknowledgement had everyone praising Beyonce for her classy way of doing it. The internet stalled for a whole day while everyone admired the portrayal of Lil Kim looks Beyonce displayed. 

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Each look had its own theme and ignited old memories of the Lil Kim everyone loved and still continues to admire. Each detail was carefully thought out by Beyonce’s team; not skipping a beat!

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Rest assured this is the most epic Halloween to date. The culture needed this merging of the two Queen B’s. For years bystanders appointed Beyonce with this title; not giving Lil Kim any credit as the originator. Beyonce just did!


Ageless Beauties: Living In The Fab Forties

Nia long

We are always in awe of our favorite actress, flaunting their good looks all around town as they grow more gracefully within age. Not to mention; most of today’s trending celebrity women are in their 40’s. The fountain of youth is definitely treating people good. Rumor has it’ once you hit 40 life gets better.

According to the Huffington post turning 40 is the NEW 4o!  Gone are the days of mini mid-life crisis. Here are the days you embrace your age more. So what is it about the age 40 that makes you glow? How about the following…

1. Wisdom: In your forties you have lived, learned and just won’t do it again. Studies show many people want to make dramatic lifestyle alterations in their 40’s. Something about this age gives them more dedication and determination to follow through with all the right things.

2. Bring My Sexy Back: Throw away the pre-madonna stages. When you turn 40 you just want to look fabulous. Studies show many men and women consider this the age to bring their sexy back!  Gym memberships are among the highest within people of this age.

3. I Can: After  watching others achieve their dreams. While watching your 20’s and 30’s slip by. When turning 40 its time to live again and tap into your full potential. Many people of this age go back to old abandoned hobbies and other leisure pleasures. Something about this age brings out your creativity. Why? We don’t know, but according to Redbook.com this is the age when you finally realize, you have more potential to become someone grand and big in life.

regina king-


4. Adventure: It’s either do or die with this age. When your 40’s kick in you realize it’s either now or never. Studies show there is just something about this age that makes you want to see the world and become more adventurous. Theme parks, weekend getaways, more dinner dates with friends.

5. Love: Whether it is external love or internal love.  You are in love; and its with yourself. Studies show, while in your 40’s to 50, youthful traits kick in. The big MAKE-OVER is just what you need to re- boost your confidence. New hair cut, new hair color, overdo shopping spree leads to one bad mama!

Are you in your 40;s? Are you feeling fab? Enjoy it!

Still On Trend: The Lace Legacy


We rarely talk about lace, but the legacy must continue. The evolution of this material has taken a lot of criticism. Many believe and are under the impression that lace should only be worn during, weddings, proms, and elite social events. We think not!

Recently Jennifer Lopez was spotted shutting it down in lace at the 2015 Latin Billboard Music Awards. Not only do designers continue to re-invent the lace look; but added layers and details make this material one of a kind. Read why the lace legacy will forever be.

Celebrity Style Watch: 10 Stylish Tracee Ellis Ross Fashion Moments

Tracee Ellis Ross is ever so stylish. She compliments this well taught feature to “Iconic” stylish mom Diana Ross. From the small screen to real life; Tracee’s vintage and classic wardrobe combinations seems to bring her many compliments on social media and fashion blogs. Viewers also tuned in weekly and fell in love with her chic style as lawyer [Joan Clayton], on the sitcom Girlfriends. However; its her off the screen style that keeps us wanting more as well.

View a gallery of [10 Stylish Tracie Ellis Ross Fashion Moments]


Cover Talk: Jill Scott Goes Blonde For Essence Magazine

Jill Scott just gave herself a major image boost. The neo soul diva; and star of this summer’s blockbuster must see; [Get on up] covers the September 2014 issue of Essence Magazine.


While flaunting her new blonde look  and voluptuous curves on the cover of Essence; Jill  is all about claiming her happiness….  My only job is to be happy. So for everybody who cares about me and is not trying to be all up in a ‘celebrity’s business,’ just know that I’m happy” . 

You go girl! Pic up your latest issue of Essence on news-stands now.


Taraji P. Henson Shuts It Down For “Upscale” Magazine

If you had any doubts about Ms Henson. You better think again. The “Academy Award” nominee is on the latest cover of “[Upscale Magazine’s May 2014 issue] . Spring is in the air according to Taraji. The actress daunted; flat abs, colorful wardrobe, and bright smile for the cameras.  Good looks are just effortless when it comes to this woman.


Never short of being shy.  Ms Henson expressed a couple of her feelings to UPSCALE.  Here’s what we learned: 

On Love: ” Here’s the deal. I’m no spring chicken. I’m not in my 20’s dating around. I’m looking for happily ever after”.

On Roles For Black Actresses In Hollywood: “It’s always a battle for black women; we’re totally at the bottom of the totem pole”

Don’t you just love her?



Photo Credit: Upscale Magazine & Taraji P. Henson Instagram

“Ride Along” TOPS Box Office In First Week

Its all good for Ice Cube & Kevin Hart this week. The dynamic duo hit the jackpot with new movie [Ride Along] which was released on January 17th.  The film grossed 41 million in its first week; and still counting.

Check out a preview from their recent cover on JET magazine:

This can sort of… kind of…. look like the possibility of a new and improved version of the movie “FRIDAY”. Would’t you love to see that? But of course it isn’t. Kevin Hart and Ice Cube grace the latest issue of “JET” magazine as they make their publicity rounds for up-coming collaborative movie “Ride Along”. So what can you expect from this film?

“From 48 Hours to Lethal Weapon to Bad Boys, I wanted Ride Along to have the same kind of feel as those movies. -Ice Cube

“I took a gamble when I quit my job, which meant putting my all into stand-up comedy,” said Hart, who has established himself as a bankable leading man”When you don’t have a backup plan, you work as hard as you can because you know there cannot be a negative outcome, only positivity. When you let go of other things, you help yourself to evolve into great things.” . -Kevin Hart


Happy Birthday Beyonce!

Happy Birthday to Queen Beyonce! Tomorrow she turns 32. How can you be so young with so much success? Its easy, just never give up! Beyonce is an inspiration to women and young girls all around the world. Her fun and inspiring entertainment makes the world a brighter place. In light of her 32’nd birthday.  Here are some Beyonce highlights from her long list of catalogs.

Power couple marriage to    Music mogul Jay Z
Power couple marriage to Music mogul Jay Z
Her recent inaguration performance, and friendship to our current President of the United States Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama
Her recent inauguration performance, and friendship to our current President of the United States Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama
Somehow through all the success and on the road tours. Beyonce gave birth to her little mini me "Blue Ivy Carter"
Somehow through all the success and on the road tours. Beyonce gave birth to her little mini me “Blue Ivy Carter”
Beyonce strutted her fab for the 2013 NFL Superbowl halftime show.

Beyonce travels the world for charity, shows, and pleasure. Everyone loves her. She is officially an international rockstar!