Level Next: Representing Your Brand The Right Way.

Want to build your own brand? Are you a go getter, a hustler, or entrepreneur; looking for that teacher to give you inspiration? If so; class is now in session. Building your own brand can be kind of tricky. How you choose to represent yourself can possibly make you; or break you. Take for instance Oprah Winfrey and Sean Carter (Jay Z) . These two came from nothing to something. And although not easy for them. It’s definitely provided inspiration to others. Class is now in session.

Session 1:.Let’s take a note from Music Mogul/ business man Sean Carter a.k.a Jay Z. He wanted to step outside of the box. Jay Z has made it known; the secret to his success comes from interacting with people who have the same aspirations. Whether they are white, black, blue or brown. He wanted step outside of being labeled the typical “hip hop artist”. By taking that chance; now everyone does business with Sean Carter. From sitting court side at NBA games to rubbing shoulder with former President of the United States Barack Obama. Sean Carter has taught us how to brand ourselves globally. This is what makes him successful.jayz_-thanhniennews_photocred


Session 2: Let’s take a note from Oprah Winfrey . She chose to brand herself as a humanitarian. More importantly, how does a talk show host turn into one of the world’s richest woman? Its simple; she chooses to touch everyday people. In return; she support them. Not meaning, touching them in a physical sense but in a more human sense. Oprah Winfrey branded herself as the “girl next store’ the neighbor you can trust. Everyone just loves Oprah. Her biggest success comes from her humble being and not flaunting her riches. She still remains as normal as possible.

Oprah Winfrey Visits Australia - Day 3

Choosing the right way to represent yourself can make a huge impact in your future. The secret lies in your daily decisions. No one is perfect, however the choice is yours. How will you represent your brand?




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