Pleasure Zone: Knowing Your Body Hot Spots

The garden is open for discussion. The body pleasure zones are the topic. If mentally you are in a sexy headspace; this is the discussion for you. Delighted in the littlest ways to reach the highest climax is all over your body. lady-black-dress-jewellery-dress-39648.jpeg

Did You Know?

The Butt: Is considered to be enticing to the opposite sex. However; the butt happens to be very sensitive when touched due to its many sensory nerves. One touch on the cheeks inflames these sensitive areas; causing major eroticism. 

Behinds The Knees: Ticklish and sensitive. Behind the knees is a soft spot many enjoy once touched. Only because its a random spot and adds excitement to the rondevu.  Behind the knees is a random spot but oh so arousing. 


“It’s been reported that the neck and toes, when stimulated in the right way can lead a woman to orgasm,: says the author of “Its All In Your Head” – Keith Blanchard.

Clitoris: As if you didn’t know already. Known to be the President of hotspots for women. The clitoris has thousands of sensory nerves extended through your labia. Direct stimulation when touched. The clitoris is the # contender.

Nipples: Sucked or twisted they both have the same effect; lighting up the brains’ pleasure sensors. The nipples are a quick go-to rouser. Knowing for sure the job is done when touched. 


More Hot Spots Are

Chest, Core, Lips, Ears, Toes

Pleasure zone_1 romantic-roses-champaign-lingerie_925x

All pleasure zones take a little time to get used too. Especially the ones that are not aroused often. Random pleasure acts should b done to keep the flame burning. Enticing the body is the hottest romantic act ever. Surely but slowly some gives in. 

When its all said and done the pleasure spots will need to be watered every now and then. In return’ the garden will grow into full bloom. Get familiar with pleasure spots or let your partner study for the test. 

“Pleasure in the job puts perfection to work” -Aristotle

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