V Day Guide: The Art Of Romance

To all the lovers in the house. There is a real love potion. Studies show; excitement from romance increases oxytocin. Which in return; increase your dopamine levels. Consider this the best love potion ever. Happening right in the body. 

Many need romance; like the body needs oxygen. Romance ignites the passion from within. That passion initiates bonding between two parties. Passion can be dangerous but ‘oh so’ romantic. It frequently makes an appearance for the fire to continue burning. Lose the passion. and lose everything. Romance is the antidote for the passion to remain.

The Art of Romance

Mastering the art of romance isn’t very hard. For some, it comes second nature. However; not knowing the proper tools to use does not add anything to mastering the art. And here is where we step in. Thank us later for keeping you warm on these cold winter nights. 


“When it comes to sex, the most important six inches are the ones  between the ears”

-Dr. Ruth


What are the secrets to mastering the art of romance? 

1. R A N D O M N E S S – Random acts of romance goes a long way. Simple gestures ie.. breakfast in bed, her favorite chocolates on the console, the random bouquet of flowers sent to the job. Men; what about your favorite meal? The one “she” only prepared ‘oh so’ well; seducing your palette. You love every minute of it. Not to mention; the lingerie desert date happening later before bed. All this on a Monday! Lucky you. If this is currently being done; you’ve mastered the art of romance.

2. S E N S U A L I T Y-  Aligning your actions to match your emotions. You know! The sensual side of you. Studies show; significant others appreciate gestures of sensuality more than material items. The love letters, poems, and afternoon text messages receive major points. Sensuality is the key to the heart. Causing one to remember all the random events. These events become fond memories that can never be replaced. Direct attention to the object of your affection is sensuality. 

“Engage in sex in the morning when the testosterone level is high after a good night sleep for her. Have a little breakfast. Hang the phone off the hook, go back to bed

-Dr. Ruth on the best timing for love.

3. S P I R I T U A L I T Y– The art of bonding while in agreement with thy higher power on becoming one. Mastering the art connecting with your significant other on an emotional level. A level that no amount of monies or luxuries can replace. 

Aristotle described love as “one soul and two bodies,” because the top tier of romance ultimately has to be transcendent. It’s why sharing the same faith can enhance a relationship.


4. R O M A N C E- Important factor to being romantic is when it comes naturally. Showering your love with gifts, compliments, and seduction is the hottest romance combination ever. Smothering your lover with all the good stuff. Seducing the mind, body, and soul with your actions. Who doesn’t love to eat out at their favorite restaurant? 

5. NO-R U L E S- Romance doesn’ have rules. It’s pleasant, inviting, and spontaneous. Be a unicorn.

Effortless but ‘oh so important’ mastering the art of romance can enhance your everyday life to an all-time high. A feeling of fresh energy, mind, body, and soul. The love is in your heart and you are the master. Romantic novels invited into everyday life. Now will be a great time to enhance your skills this upcoming Valentine’s Day. 

“Eating an ice cream cone ‘provocatively’ in public can send out a message if you dare” -Dr. Ruth




Written by: 

Lifestyle Contributor, Kim Reeves


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