Beauty Buzz: 3 Skin Care Tips Just For Him!

Men, its time to smooth it out! Are you a little rough around the edges when it come to educating yourself on how to  rejuvenate your skin; or did you even know? Even if your skin seems a little rough; turns out it is very sensitive. If you can apply the necessary changes to your daily skin care ritual. Things can go from rough to right immediately! Let us help you.

featured image tyson beckfordTips you need to know:

1. Wash your face. This is a very crucial aspect to skin rejuvenation. You should wash your face during the day and before bedtime. Especially before bed time! Never go to bed with the pollution, stress, germs, and other foreign substances on your skin. If so; skipping  that bedtime skin wash will clog your pores and cause break outs. Wash that crap away!

skin rejuvenation -thunderafter5

Prior to washing your face, wash your hands. The hands must be clean to avoid transferring germs onto the face. Studies show; Men’s Neutrogena products carry a powerful punch by addressing the important needs of  men skin. This product was highly rated by men of all skin types.

Here’s what we learned about Men’s Neutrogena:

A.  Men’s Neutrogena leaves the skin softer and smoother

B.  Men’s Neutrogena Lifts the look of sagging skin

C.  Men’s Neutrogena firms and defines the appearance of the skin

D.  Men’s Neutrogena provides powerful UVA-UVB protection


2. Drink water right after washing the face. Day and night. Drinking water while the pores are still open is the most important skin rejuvenation tip. Not only does it give the skin a deep cleanse, but it also flushes out all the unwanted toxins to give your skin that healthy glow.




3. Protect your skin. By any means necessary your beauty should not go un-noticed men. Protect your skin with a quality moisturizer. Remember; this is an investment to you. Looking good has its perks! Love what you see in the mirror. Razor bumps, break outs, and dull skin should not be your friend. Rejuvenate!

skin rejuvination- thundafter5

Men, your beauty can be all so simple with these three daily rituals. Incorporated these beauty tips in your everyday life. Studies continue to show; “When you look good, you feel good”!





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