Red Light Special: Enhance Your Inner Romance

red light special. 5 tips on hQuality time at home is just what the doctor ordered. Life handles you work but where is your play? Take “time out” for the simple pleasures of life by releasing your inner romance. One must master this technique in order to maintain their inner calm. Whether single or committed. Romance applies to all and without these enhancement techniques life would be dull.



 SET THE THEME: The stage is your bedroom. Change your bed linens from cotton to sexy satan. Close the curtains and add romantic props to your room such as led lights, or candles. Keep in mind; you will want your setting to last long. Led candles are a great option instead of real candleromantice room


EPIC BUBBLE BATH: The romance game has begun once the bathroom setting is ready. Pull out the luxury bubble bath. The one you only use on special occasions. With added candles and champagne on chill to the side; It’s time to visualize sensual yearnings as you float.Make-Time-for-Yourself-3

PRESS PLAY: Enhance your inner romance with  music. Something soft, slow and makes you feel good.  How about that epic love song you “oh so love”. Lay back relax and reminisce.

PLAY THE PART: Luxurious scents of candles and fragrances , lingerie, jewels and more. Glam yourself up while enjoying your romantic  surrounding. You’re the leading character in this movie. Mimic one of your favorite Hollywood stars.main-photo-miki_howard_love under new management

EAT EXOTIC: Enhance your inner romance by eating exotic. Order in and combine your creation on a fancy plate. Add a glass of wine on the side. Let your taste buds take you to another place. Stay in the moment. Exotic foods are sexy.exotic meal_after5

Enhance your inner romance with little effort. From what you eat; to the music you listen to. Your inner romance is waiting to come out in a soft way. Romance is all about sensuality. 


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