Ignite Your Flame! Try These 5 Aphrodisiac Foods

From everyday life; to new heights. Igniting the flame with your palette can bring the sizzle back into your love life. Something that brings pleasure while awakening your sexy side.  Who said food can’t be the official panty dropper?

So imagine; you and your significant other having a nice candlelight dinner. At home or in one of the city’s exclusive hot spots. The drinks are flowing and so is the food. However; what makes the night interesting is the type of food that is being served.

These ‘5 aphrodisiacs can ignite your inner flame. Try them!

1. Oysters


Known as the original aphrodisiacs. Oysters are high in zinc. Zinc elevates the mood which produces great love-making and fertility.  Oysters are mainly eaten with a glass of wine. A night eating oysters can only mean one thing. Sex!

2. Lobster & Asparagus


Not only is Lobster a powerful aphrodisiac but when mixed with asparagus it can become a potent combination. The taste of these two foods together mix well to produce too much zinc which elevates your inner flame. Your mind can go to wonderful places.

3. Chocolate

.chocolateChocolate, chocolate and more chocolate! Everyone knows chocolate of being an aphrodisiac. This delicacy is associated with all things sex, love, and romance ie.. Valentines Day, Champaign, strawberries and more.

Pleasure point: Dark chocolate is known to cause a spike in dopamine which enhances your pleasure senses. 

4. Honey


Honey oh honey. Eating this aphrodisiac gives you simple pleasure right away. Not too much is needed when eating honey. It smells good; this is why it heightens your pleasure points. Honey is also known to raise your estrogen and testosterone levels. It packs a double whammy.

5. Cherries


Cherries are the original panty dropper. This pleasure fruit regulates your heart by being packed with  feel good vitamins A, C, and E . Cherries are all things sex. And is used mainly during romantic dinners and pleasurable nights. 

Foods that ignite your inner flame are known as aphrodisiacs.









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