The Glow: Living Life With Simple Beauty

Simple beauty moments are the focal point of ones daily living. Life can be seen realistically and beautifully. No amount of make up or grooming can make up for the simple beauty moments daily life provides. 

While winter has arrived; so has colder temperatures, messy weather, and cabin fever. While everyone is tucked away waiting for spring to bloom. Dreaming of the days to hear the birds chirping while the sun is shining; there are beauty moments money can’t buy. Let us help you acknowledge them. 

Meagan-Good1. Spirituality: Your spirituality is so important in enhancing your true beauty. It’s reported; being at peace with one’s self ask that extra glow to your life. Strong faith and hope while smiling along the way is the best beauty treatment ever. 

Stress, negativity, pessimism, and hatred causes wrinkles. Even on the most physical beautiful person.

2. Family:   Love them; or not! On some days, but on all accounts keep them around. Studies show;  family harmony has been added on as the ultimate beauty glow. It’s simple; Family support and gatherings make one heck of a bonding experience Spending time with loved ones who know you as a real person is all one can ask for. Home is where the heart is. 

Meghan Good _Devon Franklin

3. Makeover: Giving yourself that confidence boost is the best! It can be something small like, getting a haircut or changing your hair color. Change is good; making you happy you took the chance.  In return; you feel alive again and your inner glow starts to show on the outside as well.

4. Friends:  Everyone needs a positive social circle. One that make you feel free and be who you are. Child hood friends brings back memories, new friends add excitement, and pets can be your best friend. Being surrounded by those who make you laugh is the best beauty treatment. No wrinkles!!

No friends? Join a social network, group, or committee that caters to your happiness. One in which you have interest in. Making friends with those who you have a lot in common with; is effortless and not forced! Try it! get your glow on.

friends_essence magazine

5. Career: Not all jobs are bad.  However; it does feel good to do something you really love. If you are a person who follows their passion, you are glowing with beauty as we speak! Doing what you love is the best beauty secret. A simple beauty moment that never fades. You glow, you stive, you live, you love.  In return; you are satisfied with life.

Meagan-Good-2014Photos Credit: Meaghan Good, Devon Franklin, Essence Magazine



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