Wellness 101: 5 Ways To De-Stress

Strug it all off. The stress, worry, concerns, and every day boring routine. Life can hand you a bag full of responsibility.  However; all is not lost to keep an even keel. All you need to do is de-stress.


Try these daily de-stress tips. 

1. Give yourself permission to take a nap:  Cover yourself with your favorite blanket or throw’ and doze off for an hour. It refreshes your mind.

african young woman sleeping on sofa at home

2. Turn Everyone Off:  TV blasting, dogs barking, and kids running around. Being inside a chaotic home is the last place you need to be while trying to de-stress. Do yourself a favor and escape to a quiet room. Read a good book, or write a poem to yourself. That quiet time alone can become priceless for you.

3. Meditate Daily:  If you take the time to meditate at least 10 minutes a day; studies show this can boost your self-esteem and regain your calm composure. Peace of mind is what’s needed to regroup and re-gain focus.


4. Eat A Piece Of Chocolate:  We hope you like chocolate. This rich and powerful snack is known to calm the nerves. Try eating a piece of chocolate and feel the miracle of calmness immediately!

5. Pray:  Talking to your higher power releases unwanted energy, stress, and worries. GIVE it all to GOD, he loves to take away your burdens. In return; you feel lighter, hopeful, and optimistic about moving forward in life. 

Don’t let life get the best of you. Brighter days are only around the corner. Try to de-stress.

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