Retro Nightlife: Get Inspired By David Bowie & Iman

Now that fall is officially here. Everyone is looking forward to crisp cool nights of sexiness. Getting dress and going out on the town can be a much-needed release from the stressful work week. The nightlife can become the perfect remedy. Turning up and letting loose is what this never ending trend is all about.

The nightlife gives everyone a chance to play the role. Watching the rich and famous strut their stuff out on the town is all the inspiration you need to shine. They promote the image of a fabulous social life and we love it! Especially the couples who compliment each other’s style; while effortlessly enjoying life. In the 80’s and 90’s David Bowie and Iman was that couple.

The couple; being married for 24 years, until David’s recent passing in January/2016. Both David and Iman remain legendary within the entertainment world. David; a popular English singer, songwriter and actor. Known for his innovative work that span over 5 decades. Wife Iman; a famous Somali super model, actress and entrepreneur. Known for her successful cosmetic line and philanthropic work.

Watching David in Iman light up the town with their elegance and unique sense of fashion; made the dynamic duo everyone’s favorite couple in the 80’s 90’s and 2000’s. They clicked as a couple, complimented each other’s style and expressed their love for one another publicly. They made the nightlife look glamorous!

2003_W magazine Campaign Shoot

Couples that play together will forever stay together. David and Iman knew this all to well. Their love for one another turned them into best friends. Their style and presence within the social world remained at all time high.

Want to feel the happiness of the nightlife? Laugh, smile, mingle, dance? Do it with your best friend; the one you love. Get up, get dress and step into the city. Let David and Iman inspire you. Studies show; couples who play together stay together forever; via Huffington Post February/2017. 


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