Got BODY?: Curvy Girl Confidence Is On The Rise

o”Pardon me, but my curves give me confidence”! This is what many women with curves in America are saying.  They feel good, They are healthy and they want you to know that. Curvy girl confidence is on a up-rise. 

Never underestimate a woman with curves, 9 times out of 10 she packs a powerful punch when she struts her stuff. It’s all about her BEAUTY, BRAINS & CONFIDENCE! If you got curves we found some”Curve Confidence” tips that will keep your curves on point.


1. Tone up– toning your body and curves is a must. That hour-glass figure and silhouette will turn heads. Try yoga it give you all the necessary stretching techniques to keep everything in place.

2. Shop The Right Way– Shop in your own stores curvy girls. Those outfits are specifically made for you. Don’t go to a store where you are not embraced for your curves. Go where you belong.

3. Dancing– Get inspired by learning a new dance like salsa! This is the type of dance that needs someone  who can flaunt their curves. At the same time it keeps you active and in shape.

4. Smile– Everywhere you go curvy girls put on a smile. A man loves a woman with  a sexy curvaceous silhouette and a smile. Add that extra oompfh! Curves without a smile is like peanut butter with out the jelly. They just go together so well. Add a smile to your curves.


The rise in ladies with curves stepping up to the plate and owning who they are has reached a tipping point. If you’re a woman with curves. Keep your confidence on 10. It’s your best asset!

Curvey Girl Confidence



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