Fashion Buzz: Brooch My Look Will Forever Trend

Bring them out! Bring them out! Pizzazz your wardrobe with brooches and pins. Re-invent your favorite looks just by adding little details to spice it up. Brooches have been around since the Colonial days. They will never leave. Don’t buy clothes by brooches and pins. Add the extra bling to your everyday look.

rihanna brooches

What can brooches be used on? Hats, purses, sweaters, scarves, and as head jewelry. You can even use brooches and pins as a vanguard ensemble. Wear as many as you like. Just wear them!

beyonce brooches

More is less when it comes to serving the brooch look as your fashion appetizer. overflowing of brooches with jewels, symbols and shine can take your look to the next level.

History of the brooch: Brooches didn’t start out as jewels. They began life as functional, utilitarian items that were used to secure pieces of clothing, like a loincloth. The first recorded brooches were made of thorns and flint, while pins crafted from metal date back to the Bronze Age. [Via].

How do you ware a brooch: Placement is key. A brooch always works when worn, left or right, over the bust, but it can also be a surprising embellishment at the center of a buttoned up collar. Don’t just start pinning brooches all over or in the middle of a dress or top [ Via Huffington Post].


Brooches are accessories that will never go out of style. The modern-day women wear them, the classy women wear them, the street style girls wears them. Wearing a brooch is a lifestyle and will forever trend.


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