Pucker Up Ladies: 6 Lipstick Tricks To Try This Fall

 Lipstick can rule the day in the world of beauty and fashion. Every woman should know the many tips and tricks when it comes to maintaining proper lipstick etiquette. Picking the right shade, color etc.. only wins half the battle. With so many ways to enhance your beauty; why not let the lips become the main focus as you step out into the world. The “perfect pout” is all you need to make a statement.  Here are 6 Lipstick tricks every woman should try.


1. Plump it up- Thin lips? Not a problem; the plump it up effect is “oh so sexy”! For plumper lips apply a liner outside of your natural lip line, add lipstick, use a thin layer of gloss an overlay.  Helpful Tip: (If using a glossy lipstick; no need to add extra gloss as an overlay).

2. Line it right-  Tending to the important details can make room for the perfect lip. Define your lips the right way by using a matching liner; the same color as your lipstick. Helpful Tip: (Dark liner around the lips is so in the past, and is considered to be “tacky” in the beauty world).

3. Mix & match- It’s all about the perfect color. Can’t find the right shade of lipstick?  Mix two colors together and see what you come up with. By mixing and matching you can create your own signature color.


4. Two in one- Not only can you use your favorite lip color on the lips; you can also use it as a blush. When wearing a nude lip; add a secondary lip color as a blush. Helpful tip: (Never use blush as a lipstick).

5. Blott- Enhance your lip perfection. If you love wearing a bold lip become an expert blotter. Take one of your fingers and slightly blott your lips; even out with a smooth glide. Blotting takes away all the excess color and prevents the lipstick from leaking on to your teeth.

6. Red rules- There is a rule for everything. When it comes to the “Red Lip” there is no exception. You need to know the “Red Lip Rules”.  Helpful Tip: (Dark red lipstick can make thin lips look thinner. To maximize your lips; the brighter the red the better).

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