Summer Flashback! That One Great Performance

Year: 2011

Place: MTV Music Awards

Subject: Jay Z and Kanye West

Live on stage at the 2011 MTV Music Awards; which took place on August 28, 2011 at the Nokia theater, in Los Angelas. Where the “dynamic duo” Jay Z and Kanye West performed their chart topping, summer banger “Otis”. These two big name rappers rarely have time to be in the same room; let alone perform together, but it happened! While promoting their 2011 Watch The Throne album; Jay Z and Kanye added an epic performance to their resume. The night was just right for the type of energy both brought to the table. Let us set the tone….

kanye west

The performance was all about the perfect timing for lots of fireworks and a huge American flag swinging down from the ceiling. The vibe was all about Good ole America” something you would normally see at a Bruce Springsteen concert. And this is why Bruce Springsteen is so famous for who he is today. His performances are of raw energy. When it came to their performances at the 2011 MTV Awards; less was considered more.

jazy z and kanye _2

They both entered the stage in original street form. Kanye wearing a jean shirt and jean bottoms with an American flag hanging out his back pocket paired with red and white Jordans. Jay Z wore blue Yankee cap with added details, white tee, hard pressed jeans, and a pair of Timberlands. Overall presentation was a 10 for bother rappers as they kept original attire; which represented their style as artist.

jazy z and kanye _1As the performance begin; blast of fireworks make way to smoke flames leading to a big American flag as a back drop. They both fed the crowd with raw energy. One of Jay-Z and Kanye West best performances to date. The American theme was in full effect. They both rocked the stage while keeping the crowd engaged.jay z and kanye _4Watch this flashback performance from Jay Z and Kanye West as they rock the stage during the 2011 MTV Awards. 







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