From Lemons To Lemonade Here’s Why Beyonce’s “Coffee Table” Book Will Inspire You

As if Beyonce has not inspired most American girls, women, and men with her latest album ‘Lemonade’. Now; there appears to be a catalog of visuals to match the evolution of this successful project. One of the hardest working women in showbiz is set to release  a $300, 600 page coffee table book.

beyonce-lemonade_coffee table

“How To Make Lemonade” is a 600 plus page “limited edition” box set of never- before- seen photos of the making of Beyonce’s 2016 landmark album “Lemonade.”
Added bonus; two vinyl LP’s, and poetry by Warsan Shire; the author who work was added to the “Lemonade album. Other sources are reporting this as well. This exclusive set is being pre-sold on Beyonce’s website for $299.99.

Beyonce_How_Yo_Make_Lemonde_img2What appears to be Beyonce’s best body of work so far; adding visuals complete the puzzle and make it more successful.  ‘Making lemonade out of lemons’ seems to be everyone’s theme these days. Could this be why the album is so successful?  Everyday normal people dealing with heavy issues discussed. women, racism, infidelity and more. Lemonade happens to touch on all these topics.

When it comes to the visuals. The “Lemonade” project displayed retro and present. Each visual was perfectly executed to tell a story. And with Beyonce’s powerful persona and down to earth aura; everyone can related. The effect of Lemonade’  touched on a lot of situations that are becoming all to normal; instead of just a passing phase, “especially”  what most black women face in today’s world. And what Beyonce being one; many look up to her to tell their side of the story.  

Lyrics of pain, frustration, and betrayal with added visuals to show; makes for one good story anyone can testify. Many ar inspired by the process of knowing other’s have the same pain, including Beyonce. Oh’ but there’s another side to Lemonade of joy, strength, and determination. Giving you the feeling you can overcome whatever! 

Beyonce Coffe:LemondageFrom lemons to lemonade; why should everyone be inspired by this particular album? Could it be the vulnerability of (Beyonce’s “hold up”),  the empowerment of (Beyonce’s “Formation”), or the rage of (Beyonce ft Jack White “Dont Hurt Yourself”), etc..  The release of unwanted emotions can be ever so healing. This masterpiece of an album remains successful and is considered to be a classic! beyonce-formation-stillAll hail the queen! Beg to differ? Drop a comment below. To date; Lemonade is considered a classic album.



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