“HOT” Sex On A Platter : Let’s Talk About It!

No one wants to talk about it, but we have too! Remember we cover all topics; so lets talk about serving ” Hot Sex On A Platter”. Angels and saints need not to reply about this feature. 

red light special feature image

You know it has to stay steamy in the bedroom, but how? Ever heard of a fire flame that never goes out? If not, you might need to follow these tips to keep it that way. Let your mate know how much you love them. The  passion should never be resisted. Any where, any time should be your motto. Time to change your rules!

Try these sexy seductive tips to get the fire started. No need to serve dinner “Sex On A Platter” is all your significant other need.

red light special. 5 tips on h

1. Watch A Flick: Get the fire started by watching a hot and sexy flick with your mate.  It doesn’t have to be a porno, but something that at least gets the blood going. A romantic drama filled movie, with lots of sex will do wonders. Keep an open mind to the possibilities of exploring each-other while role-playing your favorite characters.

2. Sexting: Let the anticipating build, until you both see each-other. Send your dirty little secrets and pleasures right to your mates phone.  By the time you get home, there will be no need to talk. Time for some action!

3. Take Control: Set up a random date with your significant other. Show them that spontaneous side of you. Meet them for drinks. Afterwards book a hotel room a couple of hours. What happens next, is yet to be determined. However; we seem to get the picture.

4. Spice It Up: A change in your under garments can go a long way. Men: If she’s tired of those droopy boxers; its time to transform into a brief hunk. Women: if he’s tired of those granny panties, give him a dose of your sexy thongs. Just let it all hang out. He loves that. The eyes don’t lie, straight to the bedroom, or shall we say kitchen counter, you go! Steam it up a little with some sexy & raunchy lingerie or undergarments.


When in doubt. Spice it up! Things can get really hot and heavy instantly. All the right techniques can make the fire rise even more. Incorporate this into your life. Never stay dull in the bedroom

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