Trending Now : Must Do Beauty Tips For Men


Men, are you looking to go from grunge to groomed? Need some extra beauty boost tips? Yes, you are handsome; but why not pamper yourself  to become gorgeous!  Hollywood hunks like Gorge Clooney, Denzel Washington, Brad Pitt, Idris Elba and all other male movie stars, should inspire you.  They just do not roll out of bed looking gorgeous. Its time to go the extra mile with your looks.

Here are “6 Must Do Beauty Tips” just for you men!

1. Daily Conditioner: Men it is so important to condition your hair. This beauty tip is not only for women. Your short; or in some cases long mane needs conditioner. It keeps your hair shiny and healthy. Especially if your hair is longer than 2 inches. In the summer months it is also best to use a leave in conditioner; as per TLC;s celebrity hairstylist [Anthony Morrison]

2. Exfoliate: She wants to feel something smooth. Your face is her starting point. Men, you have to exfoliate your skin. The harsh treatment from daily work and environment is rough! Your pores get clogged, and harsh shaving creams clog them even more. Rejuvenate your skin once a week to get that smooth glow.

3. Smooth Lips: Just like you exfoliate your skin. The lips should also be your main target. Add some exfoliate cream onto your lips and scrub with a toothbrush; removing the dead skin cells. Once finished apply a moisturizing lip balm. “pucker up”!

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4.  Smart Shaving; “Men should try shaving with a cream-based facial cleanser instead of a shave gel, says licensed aesthetician Scott-Vincent Borba,  author of “Skintervention” Borba says. Gel-based products can contain more alcohol, and increased drying and irritation — “and their creamy consistency will make the shave smooth.”

5. Pluck The Brows!  The unibrow, and added hair falling on to your eyelids is NO BUENO!  Not only should men pluck their eyebrows, but they should also brush the brow straight up and trim along the angle to add an arch. It’s the 21st century, men, its ok! Visit [brow professional] for DIY tips.

6. Manicure Moment: Keep those nails clean men. D.I.Y. Carefully and lightly file and trim your nails. Mix a little baking soda and peroxide to form a paste.  Add immediately on to wet nails and scrub away. Use a tooth-brush for this. You will instantly see the difference and color change. Add a clear top coat for a nice shine. Cleaning regularly under the nails keeps bacteria and fungi from growing under the nails. Moisturize the hands afterwards.



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