The Evolution Of: Becoming “The Gentleman”

“The Gentleman”: A chivalrous, courteous, or honorable man. A man with a good social position and standing in the community.

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A man with courteous conduct is considered a gentleman. These traits are mostly developed within the man, or taught at an early age. Some men may think they have already reached their full potential, especially if they are older. Reminder to all men! Becoming a gentleman is a timeless trend; it adds the final touch to any man’s persona. No man is perfect; however becoming a Gentleman is close enough.“The Gentleman” is highly respected within his community among colleges, family, and friends. 

barack and michelle

What are some good traits to become a gentleman? According to research not much! The “Gentleman” is simply the highest level of a man’s characteristics. 

1. Self-Assurance: The Gentleman exudes self-assurance. His characteristics are all about following the belief to be better. This is a man who know his worth; and will not sell himself short of reaching his full potential. He aspires to be the best. 

2. Good Hygiene: In order to be the perfect gentleman good hygiene and grooming is very important. Looking the part is just the icing on the cake. Men beauty is in full effect for the 21st century. Investing time to look good is part of the Gentleman’s persona.

3. Respect: The Gentleman keeps his opinion to himself, but if needed to be expressed it’s done with class. Known as one of his “best traits” people are instantly drawn to his energy.  Especially the opposite sex. From family to colleges the Gentleman is admired by many. 

4. Treat Thy Woman Right: The perfect gentleman does open car doors and compliments the woman. His persona calls for that. The idea is for him to be the perfect man in her eyes. However; we all know the perfect man does not exist. Women admire a man with dignity, self-respect, and honesty. His conversation should never be rude, obnoxious or hard to swallow. The Gentleman has the potential to leave his date starry-eyed and captivated. Women are known to become softer and more comfortable when in presence of a respectful man.

The average man’ should frequently upstage his position in life. It’s worth it!

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