Mother’s Week Magic: Falling Into Beauty

What happens when you fall into a bunch of beauty secrets? Nothing; you just become more beautiful by adding them to your daily beauty rituals. According  to “Hello Beautiful” by Susie Galvez, these inside out beauty tips are just what you need to become even more beautiful. Lucky you

2015-07-23 11.17.36

1. Pump It Up!: Include exercise into your life. Exercise improves the texture of the skin, and increases the blood flow, which helps keep the pores un-clogged. At the very least exercise gives the skin a wonderful glow.

2. Limit Your Caffeine: Too much caffeine can make you fidgety and disturb your sleep. It also restricts blood circulation, in which the toxins in your body will not be removed to get that ultra skin glow.

3. Revamp The Breathe: For a natural, yet effective breath freshener, mix one half teaspoon of baking soda in a cup of water and rinse the mouth. Baking soda neutralizes all odors.

4. Funny Faces: Find something to laugh about. Laughing is not only great for the soul, but it also helps with weight loss too! The calories are burned to the equivalent of climbing two sets of stairs.

5. Sleep On It: Taking evening primrose oil and vitamin E capsules before retiring allows the body to absorb these powerful anti-agers into the system during your body’s restoration time.

6. Ginseng Anyone?: Ginseng improves your energy levels, and mental alertness. Reports show it strengthens the immune system, helps lower cholesterol and wakes up the skin.

7. Breathe Deep: Eating pineapple will help reduce sinus congestion and assist with sleeping problems. Your beauty sleep is very important. Go ahead! Become more beautiful!

Source credit: “Hello Beautiful” by Susie Galvez

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