Bad Chick Central: 5 Beauty Tips Only A “Bad Chick” Will Use

This revolution has been televised! We see it all the time. Risk takers, and jaw dropper. The “bad chick’ trend is in full effect. They own their beauty and fierce presence. Unfortunately; with this trend you are either in or out.

Becoming a “bad chick” is just the icing on the cake. Many women make this a lifestyle. Those who fear change; need not to apply. These are [5 beauty tips only a bad chick will use]..

Bad Chick Featured

1. Cat eye: If  you wear the ‘cat eye’ you have officially entered the danger zone. Bad chicks don’t apologize when wearing a sleek eye. They want you to know they are naughty!

2. Bright locks: Red, Blonde, Blue, Grey! Pick a color out of the rainbow. Only a “bad chick” can rock a bright hair color and own the night. The attention she gets is priceless and she loves it.

3. Bright Lip: Her fire engine red lip is just her Monday look. Wait until the weekend comes and she flashes you with a Tiffany Blue lip. Not to mention it goes well with her whole ensemble. What a risk taker!

red light special feature image

4. stiletto nails: Who said this trend died? Bad chicks are dead sold on keeping this around. The stiletto nails where also recreated to add layers and props. Nude nails we love you, but a bad chick turns her nose up at this suggestion

5. Bold accessories: Leave the diamond studs at home. Bad girls are over accessorizing when it comes to jewelry. They can rock the real bling or dazzle you out with layers of chains and row of earrings.


Did you get the memo? Bad chicks are multiplying.

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