Jam Of The Week: Fantasia “When I Met You”

JAM OF THE WEEK is hot off the press!

Fantasia has a hot single climbing its way up the charts. From the continuation of her 2016 album ‘The Definition of…’  Fantasia is melting our heart  with the sound and visuals of  her recent single ‘When I Met You’. A sensual ballet expressing her love for husband Kendall Taylor.


This song is ‘oh so lovely’, and might be the driving inspiration for all the lovers in the world. When you listen to Fantasia’s soulful voice over the laid back tunes; You will see why this song is climbing the charts fast. Along with the creative effects and visuals of the video.  Fantasia takes us back in time with year book pictures, 90’s R&B legends, and high school love. Everything is well matched including the appearance of Fantasia’s “mini mi” and first love, daughter Zion; who plays a younger version of the singer in the video.

Let your heart begin to melt. Check out the “Jam Of The Week below.


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