5 Reasons We Need Girlfriends Back

Entertainment can be so enlightening by making a lasting impression. Every now a then a show comes along that just fits. As the saying goes “all good things come to an end”. However; in the case of the hit show Girlfriends; we wish that wasn’t true. 


Here are 5 reasons we wish “Girlfriends” would make a comeback.

1. Professional Women: If there ever was a way to represent the African-American woman  in today’s world. “Girlfriends” would be our top choice. All women on the cast where professionals. Lawyer [Joan], Real Estate Agent [Toni] , Legal Aid [Mya], and last but not least [Lynn] who dabbled in random jobs, but was highly educated with several college degree.


2. Sisterhood: No matter what the girlfriends went through. They where always there for one another; maintaining an authentic sisterhood.

3. Fashion DivasEveryone loved the “Girlfriends’ style. Each cast member remained  “on trend”. Which girlfriend are you? Joan {traditional and timeless}, Mya{Urban Chic}, Toni {professional glam}, or Lynn{bohemian chic}?


4. Girl Power: There was something special about the show Girlfriends. It represented girl power.  Every woman could relate to each story line.


5. Positive Therapy: In a world of reality television catfights, nudity, and over exposure. “Girlfriends need to make a comeback to balance out the authentic nature of real entertainment.


Let the petition begin!

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