Now or Never: 5 Reasons You Should Follow Your Dream In 2017

It can all happen if you let it. The new you emerging like a phoenix rising from the ashes. For whatever reason self-doubt or loss of inspiration has kicked in.  Now might be the time to turn the ignition and re-start the engine. Looking for a reason to get your mojo back? Stepping into 2017 might be just what the doctor ordered to revive your dream.

Making a fresh start can lead to success by setting goals and working towards a long lost dream you once loved.  Let us help ‘5 reasons you should follow your dreams in 2017′. Ready, set go!

1: It’s a new year!

Your New Year’s resolution should include your dream. People take resolutions serious. It’s always good to include something your passionate about. Challenge yourself each year.

2: Life is too short

Some say life is too short; but it can also be meaningful, joyful and achievable. Having the privilege to be a part of this beautiful world is all you need to be your all.

3: Confidence

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The smallest of adjustments can inspire you to change direction. How about a confidence re-boot ie.. new do, new clothes, new you! Add some passion on the side and you are ready to go!  You once had confidence; where did it go?  It was that feeling of believing in your dream. Think about the way you felt then. Re-boot and move forward.


4: It’s familiar

You now know the ropes. The false starts, set backs, and re-group process. The hard part is over. Take what you’ve learned and finish what you started. Now being older and wiser; you are well equipped to succeed. Don’t waste the learning process.


5: You just can’t let go


When your dream haunts you it’s a signal. Urging you to remember and pay attention. It simply won’t let go because you believe in it. Go for it!




Written by:

Lifestyle Editor, Keisha Woods








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