Throw Evolution Of: Omari Hardwick

Deep in a world called Hollywood, there is buried treasure. In a better term; some would say a “diamond in a ruff”.  While everyone screams for Denzel Washington, his sex appeal, and authentic style of acting.  Or, as women would say; “my” future [baby daddy] [husband] and  all those little dirty visions crossing your mind. There remains a  jewel behind him who has earned the same praise. His name you ask? Omari Hardwick.

Omari Hardwick is an American actor who is here to stay. Where are the flaws?  We see none. Easy on the

eyes with a unique style of acting, he has earned his spot!  Just what we need; that breath of fresh air. His body of work is so versatile and professional.  A well deserved Academy Award nomination would make us proud.  We choose not to worry, for this will come to light in the near future.

His evolution speaks through his work.  T.V. and film is where his great acting skills reside.  His resume has such a wide range, we are convinced he can play any character you throw at him. “For Colored Girls” “Sparkle” “The A-Team”  just to name a few. Now; he has a leading role beside Gabrielle Union on BET’s [Being MaryJane].  Omari is headed to the top full steam ahead. The evolution of Omari Hardwick has just begun. We are so excited to see what the future holds for this great actor.


Update: Since our latest post about the “Evolution Of Omari Hardwick” he has taken off full steam ahead as we predicted.To date; Omari has been exposed as a successful break-out actor within independent films. Which are currently seen all over the cable networks. The “star on the rise” also plays the main character “Ghost” on Starz high rating original drama series “Power”.  Omari Hardwick is winning right now!

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