Food Therapy: Healthy Meal Re-Mix


You can love your favorite foods with a healthy twist. Pizza, chicken, and that “oh so” juicy burger! What’s the secret? Balance! Here are 4 ways to re-mix your food in a healthy way.


1. Pizza Pleasure? Make your favorite pizza with a healthy twist. According to, making a classic pizza, is sure to be a hit!. Fresh herbs and balsamic vinegar add flavor without adding unnecessary calories. Pile on additional veggies like spinach, red onions or slice zucchini for variety. Instead of meat add turkey.



2. Power packed shish-kebab! Roast and steam all veggies on the grill, especially carrots, green/red peepers and onions. This combo is sure to add the spice and flavor you need all while being the best healthy combo. Once veggies are steamed add your colorful fruits like pineapples tomatoes. Shrimps or grilled chicken will take your shish-kebab to the next level…….yummy! 


                                                                   Get more tips here!





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