BBC Volume II: 6 Of The Baddest Females In The Game

We live in a world of “in the now”. One day your hot and one day you’re not. One must assume staying on top of one’s celebrity status can be a job within itself.  Especially when you are the actual celebrity yourself. However, when it comes to these 6 women their staying power is just as strong.

Many wish, desire, or look forward to finding out more about these women. With so much staying power they each are “bad” within their own right.

Welcome to ‘Bad B&tch Central. These 6 women are our top baddest females in the game. Here’s why!




Exhibit A: Rihanna

Known as just an overall hot chick. Rihanna adds flavor to her overall bad girl style. Within fashion and music; Rihanna  does whatever the f*** she want! Although that was bluntly expressed. It’s true.  It’s no secret this bad girls keeps us guessing with her constant re-invention of thyself every album. Her dimensional range of edge and style keeps fans wanting more.



People's Choice Awards 2017, 011817

Exhibit B: Jennifer Lopez

Why even bother to compete with JLo. This is a woman who just has that “it” factor. Her glamorous demeanor with elegant style, mixed with a little street is who she is. Not to mention; she’s at the tender age of 47?!!  And looks dam good. Jennifer Lopez can walk into any room and shut it down.  JLo will always turn heads.





Exhibit C: Beyonce

What’s a list of the baddest females in the game without Beyonce on it?  Her natural good looks and innocent smile can keep you in a trance  However, thats before she wips out her inner “Sasha Fierce” persona. Beyonce is the baddest female in the game by letting many know who the real queen is.  She’s all things entertainment and we love it.


Exhibit D: Taraji P Henson

Known as Cookie’ on hit show Empire. Everyone can relate to what Taraji P. Henson brings to the table. Excellent as an actress who spreads her wings globally. However; it’s her role as Cookie who catapulted Taraji into one of the baddest females in the game. Cookie know how to shut it down in fashion and flare.  Many woman love how Taraji takes no nonsense while looking good.





Exhibit E: Nicki Minaj

This pint size rapper packs a powerful punch. Her sassy, raunchy, and daring tactics leaves Nicki Minaj’s name on many mouths. Men drool over her sassy ways; and women are inspired by her presence. One of the hottest female mc’s in the game. Nicki knows how to keep mouths watered.





Exhibit F: Kim Kardashian

Whether you love to hate her; or hate to love her. Kim Kardashian is one of the baddest chicks in the game right now. She stay trending on all social media outlets. Kim Kardishian is just a walking brand. A millionaire trendsetter with lots of fans who copy her every move. This is why Kim Kardashian is one ot the baddest females in the game.

Written by:

Lifestyle Editor, Keisha Woods


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