Ditch The Jitters: First date tips to help you out

Couples Dancing And Drinking At Evening Party

So its been a while huh? You are newly single, divorced or simply chose not to be on the dating scene for a while.  However; somewhere along the line you convinced yourself to get back out there. We all have been there and know; “fist dates” can end beautifully or disastrous.  Follow these simple tips to get over your jitters.

1. Plan something fun:  Fun activity can break the ice. Instead of worrying about what each-other is thinking, the activity will become your main focus.



2. Smile: Even if you are nervous, or bored, a smile can turn it around. Your date will receive your good vibes and instantly up the ante of trying to impress you. It might even work!

Couples Dancing And Drinking At Evening Party

3. Talk less: revealing too much about yourself on the first date is a no-no! Your date doesn’t need to hear about your exes or personal problems. Instead; ask questions about what they like. This will allow you both to see if you are compatible. 

First date jitters?

Ditch the jitters! Its time to get back on the dating scene. 


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