Sexy Sippin: Red Alert!

 It all goes down @FTER5 so let the fun began as soon as your get your freedom. Trying these 3 “sexy drinks” will have you screaming “Red Alert” while enjoying your weekend.


 Black Crush

1 and 1/2 oz. Absolut Raspberri,

1/oz. sour mix

1/2 oz. Simple Syrup

6 mint leaves

3 black berries

club soda



Cactus Pear

2 oz. tequila

1 oz. Cointreau or Triple Sec

1 oz. Cactus Pear Syrup

1/2 oz. Lime Juice


red-kiss-large-new (1)

Sweet Red Kiss

1-1/2 oz. Dubonnet Rouge

1/3 oz. Chambord

1/3 Absolut Kurant

Splash of orange, pineapple, and cranberry juice.


Enjoy your weekend

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