You -VS- You; 3 beauty benefits of having an alter ego

Looking into the mirror and loving what you see; while being stripped bare is the best feeling. Constantly you are reminded of how good you look. What a great way to receive confirmation for your fab beauty regimen. However; being a beauty guru can sometimes become a little boring? Need some beauty competition? How about “you -VS- you”.

Alter Ego; you vs you

Adding spice, dimension, and curiosity to your beauty can bring it to life. How about creating a beauty alter ego? Here are three reasons how this can benefit you.

1. [Play around]– Having a “beauty alter ego” can show your other side; and give you the option of becoming that person frequently. The “other person” who adds the fire to your profile. Start off playing in different, eye-shadows, blushes, lipsticks, nail polish and so on. The beauty alter ego; is not of normalcy. It is created to refrain from using your normal routine.

2.[Confidence Boost]– Having a “beauty alter ego” gives you the option to try different wardrobe looks as well. You might come to create one you love, or never thought you would even try on or wear. The options are endless shoes, accessories and more. Prior to creating your alter ego; did you wear a lot of jewelry? Or, the opposite? However; you have chosen to tone it down due to your alter ego.

3.[Daily Life]– Ever wake up and wanted to become someone totally different? This would be the time to pull out your “beauty alter ego”. The main reason for having an alter ego; is to become someone you admire, dream of, or want to be. How often you choose to put your beauty on display in your daily life; is up to you.

Create your alter ego!

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