Its Showtime! Get Ready To Show Of Your Edgy Lips

Beauty has its days. Some days you avoid the spotlight, some days you rather bask it in it! If you are a women; you can relate to this article. However; there comes a time in every woman’s life when her beauty is challenged. At least this is how she feels mentally. Her confidence is low, she feels insecure and just does not know why. Women are often controlled by hormones and emotions. In life this happens. When faced with days like this; pull out the secret weapon. Your lips! Boost your confidence with one simple change.

Are you ready? Its showtime! One of the best features on every woman are her lips! No matter the size or shape. It doesn’t hurt to bring out your alter ego on those dull days. Why not upgrade your lip popRock out in a red! Reveal your sexy side in plum passion! Show off your Y.O.L.O side in a yellow pout! Its all about the dramatics, the appearance, the shock value. Demand your spotlight!

Its Showtime!

There is just something special about women wearing bold lip colors. It takes a lot to stand out. When all else fails. Add some color to your life. Being unpredictable adds mystery to your presence. Why fit in with the crowd? Awaken your make-up routine with a strong edgy presence. In return; your mood will automatically shift. The lips are a powerful tool.

[Bonus tip:] Mac cosmetics, Revlon, and Maybelline pack a powerful punch when it comes to their lipstick colors. Get on trend!

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