Still Trending: Eat Your Way To Healthy Hair

healthy hair

Ladies and Gents! You can eat your way to that full healthy head of hair you oh so desire!  Thin hair, curly hair, frizz hair, it doesn’ matter. Get your pen and pad ready. Its time to go grocery shopping. Step into the world looking your best!  Hair we come!

1. Salmon: Rich in protein and vitamin D (Both are good for the hair) Salmon produces the fatty acids your body needs to make your hair grow.

2. Walnuts: These are the only nuts that carry omega 3 fatty acids. Rich in vitamin E that protects you hair & DNA from damage. Walnuts contain biotin. The number 1 hair remedy to a full and thick head of hair. No biotin can lead to hair loss.

3. Sweet Potatoes: Great source of antioxidants in which turns your body into vitamin A. Intake of vitamin A produces oil in your scalp. Lack of vitamin A, leaves you with itchy and dry scalp in which results in hair breakage.

4. Oysters: Too much zinc is in oysters!  Zinc provides protein. With lack of protein your body cannot replace the hair you naturally shed.

5. Eggs: Great source of protein. You can even use egg as a conditioner every time you wash your hair. It doesn’t matter if you use it inward, or outward. Just use it!

6. Spinach: Iron, vitamin C, folate, and more! Spinach and all green vegetables nourish the hair. Just like water nourishes the body. You need green vegetables in your diet to have healthy hair.

Blueberries: This exotic fruit along with strawberries will put you over the top! Berries are known as the superhero nutrients packed with antioxidants, vitamin C, in which vitamin C is important for circulation to get rid of whats not good for your body. Your hair benefits tremendously from vitamin C.

More healthy hair foods;

water, tomatoes, yogurt, lentils and poultry. Make sure you add your daily multi-vitamins as well. See you at the grocery store!

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