Red Lip Rules

The hottest lip color just got hotter! The red lip has been around since the 1960’s. Religiously women use this as their beauty secret weapon. Whenever you need a beauty pick me up, or to add some ‘spunk” to a dull face, go with a “red lip”. However; this lip color does comes with a couple of rules. 


Commit to these “red lip rules’ and you will forever be a HOT beauty.


Red Lip RulesRule 1: Make sure your choice of “red lipstick” matches your skin tone. Of course it should not matter, but it does. Not everyone can pull off  the brightest red lipstick. Not everyone can pull off the dullest red lipstick. Make sure the one you wear, fits with your skin tone.


red lip rulesred lip rulesRule 2: When wearing a “red lip” keep your other make up colors toned down. This rule definitely applies when wearing a [fire engine] red lip. To many color clashes will throw your look off completely. Try keeping your face nude, let your red lip stand out on its own!


red lip rulesRule 3: Always re-touch your red lip when necessary. The biggest ‘beauty no” is a smeared lip! Especially when its a red lip. This lip color is a sight to behold.  Never be seen with a smeared or dull red lip. Make sure to have your re-touch kit handy; ie.. lipstick pencil and lipstick. The “red lip” has the reputation of being a show stopper! Represent it correctly, or you will be banned for life.


Beauty Quiz: Can you tell us how many times we mentioned “red lip” in this post?





One Reply to “Red Lip Rules”

  1. I love red lips! I never end up with it on my teeth, but somehow I get it on my chin, so I always make sure to blot properly. 🙂 Love this post. Wish I knew the lipstick they were wearing in the first photo. 🙂


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