Work & Career: Job Hunt Make-over


Looking for a job? Becoming frustrated with the lack of responses. One or two things might be happening. Either you are starting to become discouraged, or you are simply feeling there is no hope. Being unemployed can take a toll on your well-being, as well test your patience. 

However the case may be. Its time to redirect your energy.  Lift your head up! Maybe its time for a  ‘”job hunt makeover”.


Try these tips: 

social-media-job search Social media is the biggest tool to usewhen looking for a job. Nine times out of ten; most of the companies hiring, will post it on their social media pages. It also doesn’t hurt to network with the right people such as your linkedin connections. Somewhere, somehow, someone whom you communicate with on social media either (a) know about a an open position, or (b) can help you land a job themselves. Don’t be shy! Network!


Job-SearchRe-direct your energy into finding something better. Articulate clearly to others that can help you reach your goal, and land a rewarding job. Do not waste too much energy trying to find a job; just for the pay. Longevity simply consist of doing what you love. Later on down the line you can become resentful. Increase your efforts on a job that will help you grow, learn, and utilize your skills.



dream job  Remain focused on your goal. Brush up on your skills and add them to your resume. Specifically target the organization you would like to work for. Visit their website and do your research. Frequently apply for jobs they post. Keep  in touch with their human resource department and build a relationship. Once they become accustomed to your ambition and determination; they will want you on the team!  [Reminder: Make sure your determination doesn’t come across as harassment]. 

Now get back out there!

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