Throwback: “EVOLUTION” Of Gabrielle Union

Update: This original story was posted over two years ago. Since the posting of this story; Gabrielle Union has accomplished many more accolades which; further molded her body of great  work. This story is simply a throwback  for your reading pleasure

It’s quite simple, brains, beauty, & um… more beauty.  Miss Gabrielle Union; or shall we say…. soon to be Mrs Wade has earned her stripes! It only makes sense for us to take you on a little tour.  This is the “EVOLUTION” of… Gabrielle Union. 

At the tender age of 41, this former model turned actress is a force to be reckoned with. Just like fine wine; she just gets better with time. 

The Work:  Never short of displaying her talent. The world took notice of Gabrielle Union in 1997 while she graced us on the small screen. Some of her work included Saved By The BellSister To Sister, and Smart Guy; just to name a few. Her small screen resume is so impressive it would take us days just to name her accolades. However; we have to brag about her recent success. The name you ask? [BET’s “Being Mary Jane”] . This show is a #1 hit on cable television soaking up around 8.5 million viewers during the season finale. You might also notice some of her big screen work wich include; Love & Basketball, Deliver Us From Eva, Bad Boys II, The Brothers, The Honeymooners, Daddy’s Little Girls and more. Her resume speaks for itself. Her talent has no limit. She is on fire!

The Brains: Beauty is not the only feature that comes with being Gabrielle Union. Nope! This woman also has brains. Gabrielle attended UCLA, in which she earned a degree in Sociology with honors!

Currently: Gabrielle Union just recently launched her own brand of Chardonnay, adding business woman to her resume. Her  perseverance and un-breakable presence is inspiring to many.  This woman  has worked hard for her evolving success. We salute you Gabrielle Union!




pics courtesy: Gabrielle Union Tumblr

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