Taraji P. Henson Shuts It Down For “Upscale” Magazine

If you had any doubts about Ms Henson. You better think again. The “Academy Award” nominee is on the latest cover of “[Upscale Magazine’s May 2014 issue] . Spring is in the air according to Taraji. The actress daunted; flat abs, colorful wardrobe, and bright smile for the cameras.  Good looks are just effortless when it comes to this woman.


Never short of being shy.  Ms Henson expressed a couple of her feelings to UPSCALE.  Here’s what we learned: 

On Love: ” Here’s the deal. I’m no spring chicken. I’m not in my 20’s dating around. I’m looking for happily ever after”.

On Roles For Black Actresses In Hollywood: “It’s always a battle for black women; we’re totally at the bottom of the totem pole”

Don’t you just love her?



Photo Credit: Upscale Magazine & Taraji P. Henson Instagram

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