Job Market Blues: 4 Tips To Help You Get Through

Many do it because of responsibility. Bills is on everyone’s “to do” list. The bread-winner is in all of us. It might be safe to say the economy has not revived  itself enough for people to find that one dream job. Something you love to do and make money; not something you have to do to make money. Being forced to whatever pays the bills might be just the inspiration you need to create your dream job. 

Frustration and lack of drive to perform a job that isn’t meant for you can become an everyday struggle. So why not create your dream job. Something that keeps you inspired and paid at the same time. 

job blues


“And the survey says” Those who create a vision of what they want to do in life. Succeed in the making. In return; happier

As per Black Enterprise [panel of executives]”You have to make your choices from a place of hope not fear”- Carol Clark[ Black Enterprise Co-editorial Director].

Follow these 4 tips to saying “Good Bye” to your job market blues:

Tip 1: Keep yourself inspired with things you love to do. Let your inspiration guide you to take that big step in moving forward.

Tip 2: Enhance your skills. Take up a training class, read a self-help book, learn more about the path you wish to take.


Tip 3: Join a forum that supports your dream job. Everyone needs that support that will build their confidence.

Tip 4: Live your life by what you do. If you love what you do, it won’t be considered a job.

follow your dreams


Follow your dreams!

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