All The Right Details


Feature enhancement can either make you or break you. Adding all the right details to complete that hot make-up look is a must. So! what are the beauty editors saying about the specific details you should know? What are their magic tips for making the stars look beautiful and glamorous?​

When it comes to applying make-up , we do know that it is a job within itself. Have you ever had a bad make-up experience? Not the right foundation color, shadow, or lipstick? It just did not compliment your look. Somehow  it looked great on  Halle Berry, Beyonce or Kim Kardashian, but why can’t you pull it off?

Here are 5 important make-up tips every woman should know

1.Clean it-Use a facial cleanser in the morning to shed dead skin cells and oils that the skin so kindly tried to remove during the night, and repeat the ritual in the evening to keep to prevent your skin from build up. The skin must be a clean canvas.

2.Primer– Applying a great make-up primer is a must. No cracks or fading. Use a  non stick moisturizing primer before applying your make-up. It does wonders! The primer adds a special glow as well prevents a ghost face. Nars, Smashbox, Revlon and Mac have great make-up primer’s for any skin tone.

3. Apply It right!- Foundation application should never stop at the jaw-line. It does not matter how closely your chosen shade matches your skin tone. Use a makeup sponge to gently blend your foundation down your neck to ensure an even, natural-looking skin tone.

4. Balance it out- If you prefer a dramatic eye look, then balance that with neutral cheeks and a nude lip. The same goes for red lipstick. If you are trying to pull off a cherry-colored pout, then stick to neutral tones on the rest of your face.

5. Know your colors- Wearing the wrong colors for your skin tone can destroy your look. Colors that don’t suit your skin tone can make you look pale, washed out, or even give your skin a green tint.

Its all about the details. In order to have a successful make-up look, one must educate themselves on the best products to use. Get inspired!

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